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Which? Technology news roundup, 4 July 2014

TV reliability, Linux and internet radio


Our latest brand satisfaction scores are in and so too are your thoughts on the most reliable TV brands. We explain which TVs are the safest to opt for if you’re in the market for a long-lasting television. Just be sure to check our Best Buy TV reviews to make sure that the TV you choose is not only hard wearing, but also a good performer.

Elsewhere, our Linux first-timer Rory Boland continues his tentative steps from Windows XP to Ubuntu – so read on to find out how he gets on installing the free operating system. And, we also have a guide to listening to digital radio without buying a separate DAB radio wireless.

All this and more on Which? Tech Daily.

How long will your TV last?

A TV is likely to be one of the more expensive tech products you buy, so you’ll want to ensure you pick one that lasts. We reveal the TV brands with the best reliability (and the worst) so you know what TV makes for the safest bet.

Is installing Linux easy?

Which? Tech Daily editor Rory Boland goes toe-to-toe with Linux as he installs the free operating system onto his laptop. Read on to find out the trials and tribulations he faced, and as ever we invite you to share your own Linux tips and advice.

Listen to digital radio without a DAB radio

DAB radios are capable of delivering a crisp, clear sound – but you don’t need a DAB radio to enjoy the same benefits. Our expert explains the different ways to listen to the radio online.

Where 4K is working (and where it isn’t)

Take a walk through Dixons or Currys and you’ll see a huge number of products parading their 4K Ultra HD capabilities – but is this new tech essential right now? Our experts explain where 4K is working, and where it isn’t.

Internet TV devices – what can they stream?

You’ve heard of Chromecast, Now TV, Apple TV and Roku, but do you know what content each device is capable of streaming? We’ve created a handy infographic to tell you exactly that.

Are Android cameras any good?

We’re used to the Android operating system coming as standard on a huge number of smartphones, but the very same software is slowly making its way to cameras. Our cameras expert debates the pros and cons of Android on your snapper.

Helpdesk Challenge – how to burn a CD

CDs might be struggling in the face of the mighty MP3 but that doesn’t mean the format is dead just yet. Sometimes an audio CD is exactly what you need, so we explain how to burn your music to disc.

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