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Do eco shower heads save you money?

Which? examines two popular eco shower head brands

An eco showerhead

Some eco shower heads can help reduce your water consumption by half

The Pure Pulse Eco shower head and the Ecocamel Jetstorm shower head both claim to considerably reduce the amount of water you use – which would save money if you have a water meter. The shower heads use different technologies to back up their claims, but do they work?

We asked one of our researchers to try out both shower heads to see if they can reduce your water consumption, without compromising your shower experience. We also looked at how easy they were to install.

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Pure Pulse Eco shower head

The Pure Pulse Eco, as the name suggests, pulses water from the shower head 30-40 times a second. The manufacturer claims this creates tiny gaps between droplets and reduces your water consumption.

The shower head comes in two colours – chrome and white. It also features four different spray settings and offers a lifetime guarantee against limescale.

But did it reduce the waterflow of the shower that drastically? And would we recommend the shower head to you as good value for money? Read our researcher’s review of the Pure Pulse Eco.

Ecocamel Jetstorm shower head

The Ecocamel Jetstorm, on the other hand, mixes air with the water that flows out of the shower head. Its manufacturer claims it imitates the effect of a regular more powerful shower whilst decreasing the amount of water used. 

The Jetstream is much better looking than the old Ecocamel model we reviewed back in 2011, and comes in either black or blue trim.

There is only one spray setting, however. So does this offer the perfect balance between being able to save water yet still rinse shampoo out of your hair? See our first impressions of the Ecocamel Jetstorm.

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