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How does the new Halifax credit card measure up?

New product among the best 0%-on-purchases credit cards

Credit card inside chip and pin machine

Halifax has launched a new credit card with a market-leading 0% interest deal on purchases. 

The Halifax Purchase Credit Card will charge no interest on purchases for 20 months – the longest 0%-on-purchases deal currently available.

This lengthy deal makes the new card an ideal choice for anyone looking to spread the cost of an expensive item, or several cheaper items, over a longer period. 

Which? Comparison Table – Best 0% purchase credit cards – compare the best deals on the market 

How does it compare? 


Halifax has thrown the latest punch in what has been a drawn-out fight to provide the longest 0%-on-purchases credit card deal.

The 20-month deal is one month longer than the next best 0%-on-purchases card, released by Tesco Bank in July.       

Once the 0% period comes to an end, the APR shoots up to 18.9%, although you can expect a similarly high rate increase from most cards offering lengthy introductory deals.

Be sure to make a note of when the deal ends, so you remember to transfer any remaining debt before this new rate kicks in.  

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Balance transfers

The card will also charge 0% interest on balance transfers for six months – and you’ll only have to pay a 1% fee on transfers made in the first 90 days. The fee rises to 3% after this period.   

This is a handy feature for those with small debts lingering on other credit cards, but it’s not the best balance transfer deal on the market.  

If you’re more interested in a great balance transfer deal than a lengthy 0%-on-purchases offer, then this may not be the best card for you. 

Which? Comparison Table: Best 0% balance transfer credit cards – all available deals compared


There’s no reward scheme associated with this card, so there’s little incentive to make purchases on it once the 0% deal is over. 

If you’re a frequent spender, it might be worth applying for a 0%-on-purchases card which also offers a tempting cashback deal. 

The Santander 123 Credit Card, for example, includes an 18-month 0%-on-purchases deal alongside a reward scheme which pays cashback whenever you spend at petrol stations, train stations, major department stores or supermarkets. 

Which? Comparison Table: Best cash back credit cards – all available deals compared

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