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Dyson unveils 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner

New robot vacuum cleaner will go on sale in 2015

Dyson today unveiled its take on the robot vacuum cleaner – the Dyson 360 Eye. The robot vacuum will initially be sold in Japan, but will it start a robot vacuuming revolution in UK homes when arrives on our shores next year?

After releasing a teaser video for the product launch last week, the vacuum cleaner giant finally unveiled what was previously dubbed ‘Project N223’ in Tokyo, Japan where it will go on sale first in spring 2015. A UK launch will follow later next year, with the vacuum expected to cost around £700.

The new robot vac has a 360 degree vision-mapping system that Dyson says ensures the robot covers floors logically and thoroughly, as well as Dyson’s signature ‘radial root cyclone’ suction technology.

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Development of the Dyson robot vacuum

Dyson says the 360 Eye is the result of 16 years and £28m worth of research and development by a team of more than 200 Dyson engineers.

The final product is promised to improve upon existing robot vacuum cleaners, some of which have been seen to lack decent suction power and fail to comprehensively cover a floor space when left to work their way around a room.

As our photo gallery above shows, Dyson’s key boasts about the 360 Eye include the machine’s mapping system that helps it ‘see’ the space that needs to be cleaned. The firm says the camera in the robot takes up to 30 photos per second to interpret its surroundings, and the speed at which the pictures are taken is claimed to match the speed of the vacuum’s progress so it can keep track of where it has been and where it needs to go next.

There’s also an app for iOS and Android devices that enable the owner to remotely schedule the 360 Eye to work while they are out of the house.

Which? previews the Dyson 360 Eye

We were given a sneak preview of the 360 Eye at Dyson’s HQ before it launched, although we have yet to see it in action. Its high price means it is likely to be out of reach of many – especially as it can’t fully replace a standard vacuum as it can’t tackle certain tasks such as stairs or upholstery. Dyson says it sees the robot being bought as a second vacuum, working alongside its cordless handheld vacuums such as the Dyson DC58 which can get into tighter spots.

Which? vacuum cleaner expert Matt Knight says: ‘We have seen robot vacuums before, but none of the ones we’ve tried have appeared to really excel at actually picking up dust.

‘Dyson is claiming that this vacuum will be the first robot that is “capable of cleaning properly”, which will be an impressive feat if it lives up to these claims. It will be interesting to see if this robot vac is more than just an expensive gimmick and will really give your floors a proper clean while you put you’re feet up.’

We’ll be trying out the new Dyson robot a little nearer to its UK launch, so check back for our expert verdict.

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