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First look at the Vax Air Cordless vacuum cleaner

A full-sized Vax vacuum - but without the cord

Vax Air cordless vacuum cleaner

The Vax Air Cordless should provide up to 50 minutes of cleaning time

On paper the new Vax Air Cordless vacuum cleaner sounds like it has everything: a long battery life, attachments to make doing the stairs easier and a six-year manufacturer warranty. But does its promising vital statistics translate into decent cleaning power? We’ve tested it out in the Which? test lab to find out.

Unlike many recently launched cordless upright vacuum cleaners, the Vax Air Cordless is designed to be a complete replacement for a standard corded vacuum. It has got the tools you need to clean a home from top to bottom, including notoriously hard-to-reach stairs.

But it costs £250, which is a significant investment – so could this cordless Vax really be worth all that money?

To find out, we asked one of our vacuum cleaner experts to take it home and try it out on his own hard floors and carpets. You can read his first impressions in our first look review of the Vax Air Cordless vacuum cleaner, along with full lab test cordless vacuum cleaner review of other cordless models such as the Dyson DC44, Bosch Athlet and Gtech AirRam AR02.

6 yearsThe Vax Air Cordless comes with a free six year warranty

Vax Air Cordless vacuum

Which? vacuum cleaner expert Matthew Knight said: ‘This Vax is a full-size cordless vacuum cleaner with some impressive-sounding specifications, including two batteries that combined deliver 50 minutes of cleaning time. Vax says each battery takes a swift three hours each to charge, and in our trial charging was actually slightly quicker.’

‘Like most corded vacs, it comes with nozzles to tackle areas other than your floor. These include a two-in-one dusting and crevice tool, and a separate soft dusting tool. Adding these attachments to the removable cleaning wand should make it easy to clean the stairs, upholstery and other surfaces that are not accessible using the vac’s main floorhead.

‘It feels a bit heavier than other cordless vacs we’ve tested in the Which? test lab, but at 4.6kg, it still weighs less than most corded vacuum cleaners and should not prove difficult to lift. It also comes with a six-year manufacturer warranty, which should provide some peace of mind.’

Find out how the Vax Air Cordless fared when we put it to work picking up up dust, crumbs and other messes from floors, as well as how convenient it is to use, in our Vax Air Cordless first look review.

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