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One in ten can’t recall last time they washed their bedding

New survey reveals dubious hygiene habits

Woman holding dirty laundry

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Britain’s dirty little secret is out of the bag – the frequency with which we clean our bedding and towels is unpalatably low, according to a new survey.

A fifth of the country only wash their bed linen once a month, according to Asda’s poll of 1,000 people. A further one in ten can’t even remember the last time they cleaned their bedding. 

Others admit to cutting corners, with more than a quarter saying that they sometimes wash only their pillowcases, leaving the bed sheets and duvet covers unwashed.

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Airing your dirty laundry

It’s not only bedding that gets neglected on laundry day. One fifth of respondents said that they leave it a fortnight before washing their bath towels – one tenth wait for a month or more.

When buying a washing machine, it’s important to pick one with a drum big enough to squeeze in all your family’s towels and clothes. Drum sizes range from 5kg to 12kg, with one kilo consisting of, for example, a bath towel and three small hand towels.

Our washing machine buying guide will help you choose the right size and style for you.

How we test laundry detergent

To ensure that you get your whites whiter and colours brighter, we carry out extensive lab tests to work out which laundry detergents will be awarded Best Buy status. We smear a range of materials with common stains like red wine, curry, grass and make-up before seeing which detergents remove the dirt most effectively.

Whether you favour liquid, gel, capsules or powder, we sent 36 different varieties to our laboratory. Read more on how we test laundry detergents to see the lengths we go to to help you choose the best brand to tackle your washing pile.

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