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Fireworks noise can contribute to hearing loss

Protect your hearing at fireworks displays

Fireworks display

Loud noise at fireworks displays can contribute to hearing loss

Noise levels at fireworks displays can be louder than at a rock concert and can damage hearing.

Charity Action on Hearing Loss warns that fireworks displays can reach above 120 decibels – equivalent to a jet taking off – and can contribute to long-term hearing loss.

Loud noise is the biggest cause of preventable hearing loss, with culprits including MP3 players, concerts, fireworks displays and loud music at funfairs. The cumulative effect of loud noise over time can cause permanent hearing damage.

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Hearing loss

Hearing loss scale

Gemma Twitchen, senior audiologist at Action on Hearing Loss, said: ‘Once your hearing has gone there’s no getting it back. 

‘Whether you’re planning on visiting a large fireworks display or you’re setting fireworks off in your back garden, make sure you protect children’s hearing with a pair of ear defenders. Adults should use foam ear plugs.’

You can find out more about the different types of hearing damage, and discover the best course of action to take if you experience it, by reading our guide to hearing loss.

Buy the best hearing aid

It’s estimated that almost four million people in the UK need a hearing aid but don’t know it. Signs of hearing loss include asking people to repeat things, thinking others mumble and having difficulty hearing on the telephone.

Those who are losing their hearing wait around 10 years before seeking help. But if you’re experiencing problems, the sooner you start wearing a hearing aid the better – as the longer you leave it the harder you’ll find it to adjust to one.

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