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New scheme to hire a boiler and avoid upfront cost

But is this boiler scheme good value?

Boiler controls

New boiler scheme offers a boiler and servicing contract for a monthly fee

A new boiler ‘hire’ scheme allows you to have a new boiler installed and serviced for 12 years with no upfront costs. But at £37 a month and with a 12-year fixed contract, is it worth the money?

Hassle Free Boilers is offering consumers a new A-rated Vaillant boiler and upgraded central heating system, along with 12 years of servicing, including emergency call outs and all parts, for a £36.99 monthly fee. Consumer are locked into a 12-year contract and the repayments will increase by 3% each year after. Read on to find out whether we think it is good value.

We’ve assessed boilers from big brands including Vaillant, Worcester and Baxi – find out which are worth buying by visiting our boiler reviews.

Boiler and servicing contract costs

Hassle Free Boilers’ scheme seems to offer consumers unable to pay the full cost of a boiler upfront a good option. However, when looking at the numbers, you’d need to think very carefully about how much you might end up paying out.

In the first year it will cost £443.88, but with a 3% rise each year after, you would end up paying around £6,300 across the 12 years.

Even looking at an expensive boiler costing around £1,200 and £1,740 to install, plus having a servicing contract at £183 a year, that’s only £5,136 over 12 years. That’s more than £1,000 less than the Hassle Free Boilers option, and many boilers aren’t as expensive as this example.

You can find out how much it typically costs to get a new boiler and have it installed by visiting our pages on boiler prices and boiler installation.

Boiler reliability – do you need a servicing contract?

Our recent survey found that on average 49% of new gas condensing boilers will develop a problem in their first six years. This figure drops to 38% if you buy the most reliable brand of gas condensing boiler.

Despite almost half of gas condensing boilers breaking down in their first six years – or more if you buy a less reliable brand – our research shows that 93% of people paying £183 a year for a servicing contract would still be £50 or more better off per year if they just paid for repairs on an ad-hoc basis.

We’ve surveyed more than 10,000 people to find out which are the most – and least – reliable boiler brands. To find a reliable boiler that’s less likely to break down, take a look at our boiler reliability results. 

It’s also worth also keeping in mind that boilers do also come with a warranty, so this may cover you for some faults that a servicing contract would. But warranties vary, so check what is covered. 

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