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Which? tries out the Sage Duo Temp Pro

But did it make a good first impression?

Sage Duo-temp

Our researcher provides his first thoughts on the Sage Duo Temp Pro

The Sage Duo Temp Pro ground coffee machine by Heston Blumenthal combines stylish good looks with a celebrity chef endorsement. But does it make a good cup of coffee for its price tag? Our researcher tries it out.

It’s going to look good in your kitchen, and comes with enough nifty features to keep coffee aficionados happy. You can use different filter baskets for pre ground and freshly ground coffee, the coffee tamper magnetically connects to the machine, and there’s even (helpfully) a milk jug.

Then there’s the technology designed to ensure even extraction and keep the water temperature stable, which means the Sage Duo Temp Pro comes with claims of a consistently high-quality cup of coffee .

But does the Sage Duo Temp Pro do the business when it comes to taste? Did our researcher find it easy to use? And, as it’s no surprise to learn those good looks and all the features add up to a premium price tag, is it worth splashing more of your cash for this particular morning cuppa? Check out our Sage Duo Temp Pro coffee machine first look review to find out.

Sage Duo Temp Pro first impressions

Which? researcher Oli McKean said: ‘While the Sage Duo Temp Pro is quite large for a coffee machine, I found it quite light and easy to manoeuvre. It didn’t strike me as intrusively or annoyingly noisy – in fact, I was able to continue a conversation at a normal volume while the machine delivered my espresso.’

We’ll be fully testing the Sage Duo Temp Pro in a few months alongside several other coffee machines to see whether the espressos delivered are good enough to impress our expert.

Which coffee machine is right for you?

With its price tag and features, the Sage Duo Temp Pro is a premium model for coffee connoisseurs, but there’s an eye-watering array of alternative machines and prices to choose from.

Are you after a traditional espresso machine to make your perfect coffee using a wide range of ground coffee? Or would you prefer a bean-to-cup model to grind coffee beans on demand? How about a capsule coffee machine so you can quickly conjure up your morning fix?

Head to our coffee machine reviews to find a model that will deliver your coffee just as you like it and suit your budget.

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