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Hands-on preview of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

We've taken Dyson's Big Ball home for a spin

Dyson Cinetic-Big-Ball

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is the most expensive in Dyson’s range at £460

Dyson’s new Cinetic Big Ball upright vacuum has a whopping £460 price tag, so we were keen to try it out at home so we can bring you our expert first impressions.

The Cinetic Big Ball is the upright version of the Cinetic DC54 cylinder vacuum cleaner, which we’ve tested. Both come with Dyson’s patented Cinetic technology, where tips on the end of each cyclone help to separate fine particles from the air. Dyson says this prevents the filters from clogging, which removes the need to wash or change them and means your vacuum will never lose suction.

At £460, this Dyson is the most expensive in their range. But does a premium price mean premium performance?

Check out our full Dyson Cinetic Big Ball first look review to find out and see how the Dyson Cinetic DC54 cylinder vacuum cleaner did in our lab.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball video review

Watch clips of the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball in action in our video below, or visit the review to watch our full video with expert verdict on whether it’s worth buying.


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Video transcript

This is the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball, an upright vacuum cleaner that Dyson claims, is the first to never loose suction and eliminates the need to wash or change the filters.

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The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is an expensive upright vac, costing ?460 when it was launched, and it’s the first upright with Dyson’s Cinetic technology. A Cinetic technology means the flexible tips on the end of the cyclones help to separate very fine particles from the air, and prevent the filters from clogging.

It also has a bigger ball than on previous models, which Dyson says will improve maneuverability.

The technology first appeared on
the Dyson Cinetic DC54, a cylinder vacuum cleaner which we have tested in our lab.

The Dyson Big Ball comes with
a dual-floor head, that allows you to move from a carpet to hard floor with the press of a button.

It also comes with a crevice, and upholstery tool, and a tangle free turbine tool for removing part hair.

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The best vacuum cleaners we found
are easy to maneuver and use, will suck up pet hair quickly, and pick up 90% of the fine dust particles hidden in the carpet.

A bad one on the other hand can only get around 30% of the dust out, will be a pain to use, slow to collect pet hair, and be irritatingly <span style=”background-color: rgb(246, 246, 189);”>noisy.</span>

Each vacuum cleaner
we test is prove back and forth a custom-built rack, a total distance of 288 meters. We also measure how much dust the vacuum cleaner lets back into the air instead of keeping trapped inside, and whether it releases suction as it feels up.

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Dyson vacuum cleaners

Dyson Cinetic Detail

The Cinetic Big Ball underwent 9,000 hours of testing by Dyson engineers, equivalent to 500 years home vacuuming, according to Dyson

Like other Dyson vacuum cleaners, this model comes with some of Dyson’s patent features and tools, such as the ball to help with manoeuvring, which is bigger on this model making it apparently even easier to steer.

The Big Ball also comes with Dyson’s dual mode floor head, which has a spinning brush bar to help get deep into carpet, and can be switched off when moving to hard floors for optimum performance on both surfaces. 

When Which? vacuum cleaners expert Matthew Knight tried this out in his home he found this a useful feature: ‘You can switch the spinning brush bar on and off using a handy button on the body of the upright. When on carpet the turbo brush really digs in to the pile and picks up dust and fluff you didn’t even know was there. It also aids with the forward motion of the vac so it is easy to move around on carpeted surfaces.’

As well as reading our hands-on review of this Dyson you can find out how 27 other Dyson vacuum cleaners have done in our lab tests and how special features, such as the Dyson Ball, contribute to their test scores. 

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