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New EU rules to cut oven energy use

Ovens must meet new energy-saving criteria

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The new energy regulations promise to have no effect on oven performance

As of today, all new ovens, hobs and range hoods launched in the EU must meet new energy-saving criteria.

The European Commission (EC) says that consumers will not notice any reduction in performance and that the functionality of the appliances will not be affected.

The only difference that people may be aware of is that their oven or hob uses less gas or electricity – so their bill should be a few pounds lower than usual.

To find out all about the ovens that Which? has tested, including which ones are the most energy-efficient, go to built-in oven reviews.

Energy-efficient ovens

The new energy-saving measures apply only to new products, so any ovens and hobs currently available in shops are not affected by this legislation.

The aim is for the most energy-guzzling ovens, hobs and range hoods to be phased out by 2019.

The measures all count towards targets for reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as reducing the EU’s reliance on imported oil.

Which? oven testing

Every year Which? sends batches of ovens to its lab, where they are put through a range of rigorous tests.

We measure how long each one takes to heat up to cooking temperature and also how accurately it maintains this temperature. Then we do some real cooking in them: we bake fussy shortbread and sponge cakes to assess how well the oven supplies heat and how evenly it spreads the heat throughout the oven.

We also measure energy efficiency, so when our new results are in, we will be able to report on how the new-style ovens compare with older models.

These tests clearly separate good ovens from poor ones, and the very best get awarded Which? Best Buy status. Go to built-in oven reviews to discover which ones have won this accolade.

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