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Which? reveals the microwave ovens with staying power

Discover the microwave heroes for heating


Which? reveals microwaves that lose most power when heating several dishes in a row

Many of us use our microwave when we’re in a hurry. But latest Which? tests have revealed the microwaves which will keep you waiting – because the more you want to eat, the less they heat.

We’ve recently put a dozen microwave ovens to the test, including budget models from Asda and Tesco, and pricier models from DeLonghi, Samsung, Panasonic and other big name brands.

We’ve found that, while many microwaves heat up your first dish perfectly well, half of the models just tested need to be run for longer when you pop another dish in to heat up straight afterwards. In fact, 50% of the microwaves we tested leave parts of dishes 10°C colder than first time around – meaning you’ll have to whack up those minutes, or you’ll be left with cold or uncooked patches in your food.

This means if you want to reheat the family’s take-away that’s cooled down, then the last person in the queue could still be hanging out by the microwave while the first is taking their final few mouthfuls.

To find the microwaves with most staying power including our latest Best Buys, head straight to our microwave reviews.

Which? microwave oven tests

Microwave ovens come in three types: microwave only, grill microwaves and combination microwaves that you can use for conventional cooking, such as baking a cake or making the Sunday roast. 

Some microwaves are quick and quiet, others slow and noisy, while many heat up or defrost food unevenly. Our rigorous lab tests cover all these aspects of microwaves, and more, so that we can advise you on the best microwave for your household. To find out more about our testing go to .

Latest microwaves reviewed

Below are the latest microwaves we’ve tested and how much each one costs (prices correct as of 11 March 2015). £45

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