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Energy bills rise as fixed-rate deals end

Eight fixed-rate tariffs end on 30th April

Energy bill and coins

Check your bill and compare energy suppliers to see if you could cut your energy costs

Households could see their energy bills rise at the end of this month when eight fixed-rate tariffs expire and they are immediately moved across to their supplier’s standard-rate tariff.

The fixed-rate tariffs affected are from British Gas, EDF Energy, First:Utility, ISupply Energy and NPower. In all cases, apart from British Gas, bills will rise as by default households are moved to more expensive, standard-rate tariffs. To avoid this increase customers must proactively move to another tariff or supplier.

In the case of British Gas, the standard-rate tariff is cheaper than the ending fixed-rate tariff so customers will benefit but this still may not be the best deal available. 

To find the best energy deal, visit Which? Switch to compare all the deals available on the market for your specific needs.

Fixed-rate tariffs ending

The following fixed-rate tariffs are due to end on the 30th April:

  • British Gas Price Promise April 2015
  • British Gas Price Promise April 2015 with Energysmart
  • EDF Energy Blue +Price Promise April 2015
  • First:Utility iSave Fixed v1 April 2015
  • First:Utility iSave Fixed v23 April 2015
  • iSupply Energy iFix (pre 23rd April 2014)
  • Npower Price Fix April 2015

If you’re on one of these don’t wait until the end of the month to switch on to a better deal. Between now and the end of April your supplier isn’t allowed to charge you an exit fee even if you have one in your contract. 

When your fixed-rate tariff is coming to an end your supplier must let you know 42 to 49 days before the end of your contract. Once you have been notified you cannot be charged an exit fee if you switch.

Cheap energy deals

There are currently 18 dual-fuel tariffs that cost below £1000 a year. The cheapest dual-fuel tariff today is a paperless Extra Energy Fresh Fixed Price Sept 2016 v1 at £913 a year. This is correct as of 15th April 2015, for a medium-user paying by direct debit, on a credit meter. Prices are averaged across all UK regions and data is from Energylinx.

To make sure you are getting the best deal, visit Which? Switch, and compare energy prices based on your energy usage. But before switching supplier based on price alone, find out what customers think of energy companies with our energy company customer satisfaction survey.

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