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How to stop nuisance calls on mobiles

Are you constantly interrupted by nuisance calls to your mobile phone? We explain how to add unwanted numbers to your reject list and other call-blocking tips.

If you’re regularly pestered by nuisance calls at home, you may have invested in a dedicated call blocking device to stop them. But what do you do if those pesky sales calls are coming through to your mobile phone?

The good news is that there are some quick and easy steps you can take to minimise unwelcome calls to your smartphone. Read on for our tips and tricks.

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Stop nuisance calls on mobiles

Mobile phones offer the ability to block calls, useful if you find that you’re being contacted by repeat offenders from the same company. The method varies depending on your phones platform – we talk you though the a couple of quick processes for iOS and Android below:

Blocking calls on iPhones – Once you’ve hung up on that pesky call, select the green phone icon and go to Recents. Here you’ll find the number that just called you. Click on the Information icon to the left, and in this menu you’ll be given the option to block the caller. Doing this means that they will no longer be able to call, send texts, or FaceTime with you. This process can be reversed by following the same steps.

Blocking calls on Android phones – Not all Android phones are exactly same, but this method should work for most. Go into your phones Settings menu, and select Calls. Now choose Call Rejection, and Auto Reject List. Here you can manually enter and save the numbers that you wish to block.

Speak to your mobile provider

If you find that you’re receiving lots of unsolicited calls, speak to your mobile provider. Some companies, such as Tesco Mobile, offer dedicated teams to deal with nuisance calls, though the services offered depend vary between providers.

At the least your provider will able to offer you advice, ranging from the basic, such as how to block a number on your specific phone, to the more extreme, such as changing your number.

Download an app

No matter your smartphones platform, be it iOS, Android, Windows or other, there are apps available which will deal with nuisance callers for you – in the same way that call blocking devices work for land line phones. They tend to have more options than you’d find as standard on your phone, so if you’re constantly plagued with nuisance calls, they’re something to consider. Some are free, some are paid for, and others will offer you a free trial for a period.

Dealing with Spam texts

Spam texts come in two types – messages from those you know, and from those you don’t. If the local pizza restaurant that you used once is sending you advertising messages daily for its cheesy delights, simple reply with STOP, to put an end to any further offers.

However, if you don’t recognise the number, replying could encourage less scrupulous companies to continue pestering you. In these cases, report the spam message to you provider, by sending it to 7726 (or 87726 for Vodafone).

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