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Which? previews new Magimix kitchen machine

Patissier aims to be ultimate kitchen aid


The Magimix Patissier – mixer and food processor in one

Magimix has launched a new food processor with ‘baking bowl’ which it claims effortlessly transforms from a stand mixer into a food processor in one machine.

It might set you back £500+, but the Patissier MultiFunction is a two-in-one food processor and stand mixer that promises to handle all your food prep tasks in one appliance, saving space and time in the kitchen. 

It is initially available exclusively at John Lewis and comes in five colours: cream, white, red, black and satin (pictured right – £520).

Could this be the ultimate kitchen solution, or will it prove a pricey white elephant? 

Read our Magimix Patissier Multifunction first look review to find out. 

New Magimix is food processor and stand mixer in one

Magimix says the Patissier Multifunction is the first ‘truly multifunctional kitchen machine’. It has all the features of a standard Magimix food processor – three interlocking bowls for chopping, slicing, grating and blending, as well as a separate ‘stand mixer’ bowl for baking tasks. 

At a generous 4.9 litres, the separate mixer bowl is equivalent in capacity to a fairly large stand mixer, and comes with mixing, kneading and whisking attachments to tackle key baking tasks. It also has a lid with a feed chute so you can add ingredients during mixing, or seal off the bowl to prevent lighter ingredients splashing out.

In previous Which? tests, food processors have traditionally struggled to achieve the same results as stand mixers when it comes to baking tasks such as mixing, whisking and whipping, so it will be interesting to see if the Patissier can get the balance right.

We’ll find out how the Patissier measures up against the competition in our food processor and stand mixer tests later in the year.

Which? previews the Magimix Patissier Multifunction

Our researcher got hands on with the Patissier Multifunction mixer at its launch, baking a batch of carrot cupcakes. While she liked the convenience of a two-in-one appliance – and the way the bowl lid prevented a flour-related kitchen white-out – she thought there were some potential drawbacks to the design.

If you don’t have £500 to splash out, but are keen to get baking, we’ve found cheap Best Buy food processors from £45 and Best Buy stand mixers from around £180.

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