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Improve your lawn this bank holiday weekend

Get greener grass in no time with our expert tips

Lawn garden

Lawns are the centrepiece to most gardens

The lawn is the centrepiece to most gardens and so getting it looking good will make everything else look better. 

However not all of us want to use the whole holiday for gardening. The good news is that you don’t need to put in huge amounts of time in the garden to get a great-looking lawn. 

Read on for our expert tips on tending to your lawn, and find out more in our guide to caring for your lawn.

Looking after your lawn

1. Cut the grass

Once you’ve mown your lawn you’re 90% there! A freshly mown lawn with some neat stripes will improve the look of any garden instantly. 

The best lawn mowers are quick to use and easy to handle. Look for a wheeled rotary mower that will collect the grass clippings to leave a neat finish. This will save you time on raking up the clippings or brushing the mower clean. A lot of mowers have a roller that will give your lawn smart stripes.

Find out the Best Buy lawn mowers we recommend.

2. Trim your lawn’s edges

Lawn trimming

Trim edges for a neat finish

If you have a very small garden, you won’t need to bother trimming the edges of the lawn, but you may still need a cheap strimmer to tidy up where the grass grows long around obstacles such as washing lines and children’s play equipment.

To get the neatest edges, it’s best to trim with long-handled shears. If you’re pressed for time then a strimmer with a pivoting head and a guide-wheel will help you trim quickly and effectively. If you’re in a real hurry, just trim by the house where any long grass is most noticeable.

Our grass trimmers reviews reveal the best models for edging.

3. Feed and weed

Use a combined feed, weed and moss killer to green up your lawn and help the grass triumph over weeds. 

For the best results apply a Best Buy lawn treatment four times a year between May and October (but once is adequate if you haven’t got the time).

4. Deal with bare patches

High-wear areas of your lawn such as paths or around the kids’ football goal may get compacted and the grass will struggle to grow. Help the grass recover by sticking a garden fork into the affected patch every 15cm along and wriggle it around. This will let air and water get to the grass roots. 

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