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How to save money on groceries

Which? members reveal their money-saving tips

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It’s hard to avoid the rising cost of food, but there are ways to be smart with your spending to ensure you never pay over the odds. 

Which? members have plenty of tips and tricks to help you cut the size of your food bills. 

We know because every month, we survey thousands of them to see how they save money on everyday bills, services and purchases. You can see the full range of our members’ money-saving tips by subscribing to Which? Money magazine.

In September 2014, we asked 4,711 members how they cut the costs of their weekly grocery shop. Here’s a selection of their best ideas.

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Keep a close eye on special offers

Lots of Which? members are savvy when it comes to special offers. 

Many buy non-perishable items in bulk while they’re on offer. Others split ‘buy one, get one free’ deals with a friend, with each paying half. 

Our survey’s respondents saved an average of £247 a year by taking advantage of a supermarket’s special offers, but always take a closer look when you find them, and don’t buy more than you need.   

Which? research has found that some offer poor value, and we recently launched a super-complaint to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to put an end to these misleading pricing tactics. 

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Make the most of loyalty cards

The points you build up using loyalty schemes, such as the Sainsbury’s Nectar card and Tesco Clubcard, can be used for more than knocking money off your regular shop. 

Some Which? members told us they turn their points into airmiles or travel vouchers to cut the cost of their summer holidays. 

Our survey’s respondents saved an average of £202 a year by building up loyalty points. 

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Don’t be too loyal 

While building up loyalty points with a certain supermarket can be beneficial, sticking to one retailer can also tie you down as the best deals are often found by shopping around. 

Plenty of Which? members told us they shop wherever the best deals are at the time, saving an average of £453 a year by doing so.

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Use online bargain-hunting tools  

Doing your grocery shopping online can help you stick to your list and avoid impulse buys, but plenty of Which? members consult other websites about savings rather than relying on the supermarkets.  

Mysupermarket.co.uk allows you to compare deals and fill a virtual basket to see which supermarkets offer you the best prices. 

The Utility Warehouse website’s ‘Find Me the Cheapest’ tool searches online retailers for the best deals. 

Which? members saved £165 a year by using these types of websites. 

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Resist supermarket spending tactics  

Which? research has revealed the tactics supermarkets use to encourage spending

Members told us they resist these by writing a list before they head to the supermarket and sticking to it. 

Others shared advice about buying exact weights from butchers and greengrocers, and only buying perishable items that are in season. 

These strategies saved our survey’s respondents £410 a year.

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