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Save over £1,000 a year with your fridge freezer

And all you have to do is use it more

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Research shows you could save over £1,000 annually by making more use of your freezer

You could save £1,080 a year simply by using your freezer more, according to new research by online retailer Appliances Direct.

More than 65% of us throw away food because we don’t know whether it can be frozen or not, according to a survey of 1,000 British adults.

The average family* could save up to £90 a month on its monthly groceries bill by freezing fresh meat, fish and cooked meals and by buying frozen over fresh food.

As well as reducing food waste, a potential four-figure annual saving of £1,080 means you could easily treat yourself to any of our Best Buy freezers within a year, and indeed most of our Best Buy fridge freezers

Freezing and defrosting safety tips

While there are obvious benefits to making full use of your freezer, there are some important things to remember to make sure you’re freezing and defrosting safely.

  • Don’t add hot food to your freezer – this will raise the freezer’s temperature which could encourage harmful bacteria to grow. But freeze hot food as soon as it has cooled, ideally one to two hours after cooking.
  • Never re-freeze defrosted raw meat, poultry or fish unless you cook it first.
  • Make sure food has defrosted all of the way through before you cook or eat it.
  • Thaw meat and leftovers in the fridge first. Only cook or reheat defrosted food once.
  • Defrosted food will spoil in the same way as if it were fresh – try to eat all food within two days.

Reliable freezers

93%The reliability score for the two most reliable freezer brands

If you’re looking for a new freezer, you’ll want one with the best chance of lasting for longer without developing faults – and that’s where our annual reliability survey steps in.

In 2014, over 2,000 Which? members told us about their experiences with their freestanding, built-in and chest freezers so we can tell you which brands are the most reliable.

Head to our freezer reliability page to find out which brands topped the table for a better chance of picking a model that’s likely to last longer.

*Appliances Direct defines the average family as one woman, one man, one 9-12 year old girl and one 4-8 year old boy.

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