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Keep your beer cold during Wimbledon and the Ashes

Pick a Best Buy fridge freezer or fridge


Keep your drinks cold with one of our Best Buy fridge freezers or fridges

Wimbledon and the first test match of the Ashes coincide this year. We can’t help you decide which one to watch, but we can show you some great fridge-freezers and fridges to help make sure your drinks chill fast.

Summer never fails to provide a busy sports calendar, and 2015 is no exception. July alone offers Wimbledon, the first few test matches of the Ashes, and the Tour de France, to name just a few.

With all this choice, you want a fridge or fridge freezer that you can be sure will chill your chosen tipple and summer food fast. But with so many fridges and fridge freezers to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult to pick the right one for you and your budget.

We put loads of fridge freezers and fridges through our tough tests so that you will know you’ve chosen the best before you part with your money. 

To see the models that have topped our tests, head to Best Buy fridge freezers or Best Buy fridges.

Best Buy fridge freezers and fridges

All fridge freezers cool and freeze food, but Best Buys do it much better. They’re more likely to chill and freeze food to safe temperatures quickly and keep food safely chilled and frozen, whether the outside temperature soars or plummets. Which means your groceries have a better chance of retaining long-lasting freshness and locking in nutrients.


Best Buy fridge freezers chill and freeze food fast, helping your food stay fresher for longer

Our tests have discovered that the worst fridge freezers struggle to chill and freeze food. So we help you to steer clear of models that cause your food to go off more quickly than necessary.

Some Best Buys come with our Energy Saver logo as they also ace our energy efficiency tests – so they’re fantastic chillers and freezers that won’t cost you too much to run. 

We also have several Best Buy fridges, which is great news if you want a little more chilling space.

Reliable fridge freezers and fridges

Each year we ask thousands of Which? members about their experiences with their appliances, which lets us tell you which brands are the most reliable. This means you’ll know which ones stand the best chance of lasting longer, without developing a fault.

Two fridge freezer brands earned fewer than three stars in our latest reliability survey – fridge freezers made by them can’t be Best Buys, no matter how well they cope with our tough tests.

To find out which brands stood out from the rest so that you can choose a model that lasts longer, head to fridge freezer reliability and fridge reliability.

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