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Parents reveal double buggy gripes

What to avoid when buying double pushchairs

parent with double pushchairDouble pushchairs can present some purchasing dilemmas

A Which? survey of more than 400 parents has uncovered the top five issues parents encounter when they’re buying a double buggy. From price concerns to size issues, 86% of parents reported some frustration when looking for the best double buggy.

A single pushchair can be a one of the biggest financial drains in pregnancy and early parenthood, but a double or tandem could work out to be an even bigger expenditure. This was the top gripe of parents when buying a double buggy, also known as twin, tandem or convertible pushchairs – almost a quarter complained that these pushchairs are just too expensive.

To avoid a costly mistake, it’s worth doing your research thoroughly before splashing out on a costly double buggy. But these pushchairs don’t have to cost the earth. Our tests have revealed more than one Best Buy double pushchair for just under the £500 mark.

Double pushchairs too big and heavy

Two other common problems on the parents’ complaint list were that double pushchairs are too cumbersome – 17% fed back that double pushchairs are too big and 14% thought them too heavy. Side by side double pushchairs are significantly larger than convertible single to double pushchairs, but are often lighter than tandem or convertible buggies. Our tests look at a pushchair’s weight and, vitally, how small they fold down to store away or pop them into the boot of a car, which means you can compare to find the weight and size that suits you.

Despite their large size, double pushchairs can be strapped for storage space, according to 15% of parents. The amount and accessibility of pushchair storage space also comes under scrutiny in our pushchair tests. Find out which double pushchairs top our tests in weight, space and storage in our pushchair reviews.

Not enough double buggy choice

Around one in 10 of our parent respondents felt there wasn’t enough choice when purchasing a double pushchair. But as increasingly mothers choose to have children with ages closer together, more double pushchairs are finding their way onto the market, with parents now able to customise their double pushchair to suit their family’s needs. If you’re not sure which type of double pushchair is right for you, consult our guide to tandem pushchairs vs twin pushchairs vs convertible pushchairs.

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