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Wimbledon 2015 and washing powder

Help keep your whites white

Andy Murray

Andy Murray in his glory at Wimbledon in 2013. But imagine if those whites had gone grey…

The long-standing tradition of the all white dress code is something that all competitors at Wimbledon have to adhere to – but how do they keep those whites so white?

It’s tough playing at Wimbledon. Not only do you have to be amazing at tennis, but if you fail to keep your whites pristine you run the risk of breaching the strict dress code.

Regularly skidding across grass and (probably) consuming loads of juicy strawberries and cream means players need a tough washing detergent. It needs to remove stains and also avoid the cardinal sin of letting their kit go a bit grey.

While we can’t be sure that any Wimbledon champion has ever used Which? to find out the best laundry detergents, you can emulate the Wimbledon look of your favourite player by picking a washing powder that will keep your whites white.

Find out the grand slam winners in the washing powders arena by heading to our Best Buy laundry detergents.

Best Buy washing powders

We tested 16 bio and non-bio washing powders in March 2015 from both big brands and supermarkets.

An impressive five aced our tests with brilliant stain-busting power and by helping whites stay white, and earned our Best Buy recommendation.

What’s more, the top-seed washing powder is less than half the price per wash of the most expensive Best Buy. So you can get the best quality and make a saving at the same time.

White laundry hanging on line

Choose a Best Buy washing powder to help keep your whites white

Our test results also reveal the best powders for tackling grass and mud stains – perfect if you slip over on a grass court because of a ferocious opponent.

Washing powders are often good for keeping whites white because they contain bleach, which liquid and gel detergents don’t. The flip side of this, however, is that some powders aren’t so great at maintaining colour.

Biological washing powder vs non-biological washing powder

The main difference between bio and non-bio powders is that bio washing powders contain enzymes that help break down proteins, fat and starch to help remove stains. Non-bios don’t.

Our unique test results have shown that most bio washing powders outshine non-bios at removing tough stains from your clothes – but it’s not the case that picking up a bio powder guarantees stain-free laundry.

Whether you want a bio or a non bio, a powder, gel or liquid, or prefer capsules, head to our full laundry detergent ratings to find the best detergent for you.

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