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Customer complaints prompt Sky investigation

Contract cancellation complaints lead to Ofcom probe

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Sky is being investigated following concerns that customers aren’t being allowed to cancel at the end of their contracts.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has opened the probe to look into Sky’s TV, phone and broadband services.

The regulator launched the investigation after monitoring the way all providers give customers opportunities to cancel their contracts. 

Ofcom has also been looking at patterns in complaints.

Rules overseen by the regulator mean that providers must not make it difficult for customers to leave a contract when they have a right to.

Don’t get fobbed off by your provider, use our step-by-step guide to cancel a home entertainment contract.

Sky contract cancellation complaints

Telegraph Money has reported that it found a number of readers who had written to Sky to cancel, yet subsequently discovered their subscription had remained in force.

A spokesperson for Ofcom said that it’s not known how long the investigation will take. Investigations can often last between six and nine months.

Ofcom can’t investigate individual complaints, but being informed enables it to identify trends in the type of complaints being made. This can then help Ofcom decide on issues or companies to investigate.

An individual complaint can be investigated by the relevant ombudsman. Use our guide to take your complaint to an ombudsman.

Price hikes? Leave your contract penalty free

Under rules introduced by Ofcom last year, if you took out a contract after 23 January 2014 and your provider increases prices on that contract, you can cancel without paying any penalty fees.

Which? helped push for these changes with the support of more than 58,000 of you who felt it was unfair that millions of telecoms customers were being caught out by unfair price rises.

Together we convinced Ofcom to take action and, as a result, fixed contracts mean fixed prices from the day you sign the agreement until the end of the contract.

This is the same for all telecoms providers including mobile phone, broadband and landline contracts.

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