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Three pushchair tips for new parents

Your pushchair questions answered

baby in pushchair

Get answers to your pushchair questions before you buy

A pushchair is one of the essentials on the lengthy newborn shopping list. Parents-to-be understandably have lots of questions surrounding this important purchase. From how much a Best Buy pushchair costs, to whether you need a travel system, we answer the most common queries to get you started.

How much do I need to spend on a pushchair?

Budget pushchairs battle it out against premium models from iconic brands with loyal followers. When the price ranges from £25 to £1000+ for a pushchair, how much cash do you actually need to part with to get a good one? 

Our advice is to look at which pushchair features you actually need, and how much longevity you’ll get out of the pushchair.

Which? pushchairs expert Lisa Galliers says: ‘Some of the most common pushchair mistakes are spending too much on ones with features you’ll never use, or scrimping on a flimsy pushchair that will be unsafe or need replacing.’

Decide which features you are willing to spend a bit more and in which areas you want to save. A pushchair that is light but durable will be more expensive than a heavier one. Designer fabrics will up the price. If there are accessories and customisable options available, these will cost more. You will also need to pay more if you want a double buggy.

Our cheapest Best Buy pushchair is just under £100 and our most expensive Best Buys are more than £800.

Find a top-performing pushchair that suits your budget in our pushchair Best Buys.

Do I need a carrycot for my pushchair?

You may be wondering if you need to get an extra carrycot so that you can use your pushchair immediately with your newborn. The answer is, not necessarily. Some pushchairs recline far enough that they are safe to be used from birth. The minimum recline angle safe for newborns is 150 degrees. Any less than that and there is not enough support for your newborn’s neck. A newborn baby cannot support the weight of its own head.

If the pushchair you’ve chosen doesn’t recline far enough, you’ll need to get a carrycot to attach to the pushchair and use until your baby is at least six months old. Sometimes this is a significant extra expense, although the carrycot will provide a lie-flat position for your newborn and can offer some extra protection from the elements. Some carrycots are also approved for occasional overnight sleeping, which can be really useful, especially for travelling.

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What is a travel system?

Travel systems are pushchairs that can be used with a car seat. They tend to be more expensive than regular pushchairs, but if you’re using your car a lot, travel systems can be a really convenient solution. You can transfer the car seat from your car to your pushchair very easily and without disturbing your baby.

But do remember to follow this car seat safe sleeping advice if you choose to buy a travel system. Lisa Galliers, Which? pushchairs expert says: ‘Do not let your child sleep for too long in a car seat. Transfer your baby to a carrycot or lie-flat pushchair seat as soon as possible when you’re out of the car.’

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