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Top five smart baking gadgets

Hi-tech solutions for Bake-Off fans

Has the Great British Bake Off inspired you to dust off your apron? If so, we’ve rounded up five of the latest kitchen whizzes that could help take the hard work out of baking.

From smart weighing scales to food processors that cook for you, find out if these innovative baking aids are worth your time and money.


The Magimix Patissier has a large-capacity, dedicated ‘baking bowl’

Magimix Patissier food processor, £500

The Patissier Multifunction is a food processor designed for baking, says Magimix. It has a dedicated, large-capacity steel mixing bowl with whisking, mixing and kneading accessories. 

It will also handle all your standard food processing jobs such as slicing, grating and chopping. And it comes with a blending attachment too.

Which? first impressions: It’s pricey, but potentially saves you having to buy a separate blender and mixer, saving precious worktop space. You’ll need a cupboard to store the accessories though. We are currently testing it in our lab, so check back for the official verdict in early December.

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Braun MultiMix HM3135 hand mixer

The Braun MultiMix HM3135 hand mixer doubles as a stick blender and mini chopper

Braun MultiMix HM3135, £60

This hand mixer may look basic, but it doubles up as a hand blender and mini food chopper. Its clever design allows you to switch easily between modes, and tackle a range of food prep tasks without taking up half your kitchen worktop.

The motor sits directly above the mixing attachments, which Braun says helps to balance the weight distribution for easier handling whether you are blending or mixing.

Which? first impressions: If you don’t have space for standalone appliances, or don’t bake often enough to justify investing in a full sized mixer, this nifty little mixer is an affordable and versatile alternative.

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The Drop kitchen scale works with an app to guide you through recipes

Drop connected scale and recipe app, £80

This ‘smart’ weighing scale connects with an app on your iPad using Bluetooth (not yet available on Android). It allows you to scale recipes up or down according to your needs. If you want to feed more people, for example, or if you don’t have as much of a key ingredient as you thought you did.

There are hundreds of recipes available on the app, each with clear step by step guides, images and tips.

Which? first impressions: The recipe scaling feature is really useful for forgetful or busy cooks, and those who need guidance will find it hard to go wrong with this app. It looks great too, with a clear layout and high quality images.

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The KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor preps and cooks in one, and has a recipe app

KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor, £850

At £850, you’d rightly expect a lot from the Cook Processor. It provides a one-pot cooking solution, along with a recipe app, promising to help you cook anything from coq-au-vin to homemade bread with minimum effort. It also handles most standard food processing tasks apart from grating and slicing.

Savoury dishes such as stew and risotto can be prepped and cooked in the same 2.5l pot, and the automatic programmes mean you can leave it to cook while you relax.

Which? first impressions: Our researcher tried this KitchenAid out at home and was impressed with the results. It’s very pricey though, so you’d have to be committed to one-pot cooking.

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Neff B47CS34N0B

This Neff oven has a steam function for bread, and handy cleaning programmes

Neff Slide and Hide B47CS34N0B, £850

This all-singing, all-dancing oven features the famous ‘slide and hide’ door which slides underneath the oven for easier access, and a number of baking-friendly settings. It displays the actual oven temperature for accurate cooking, and has a steam cooking function – handy for getting that perfect golden bread crust.

There is also a dough proving and bake assist function (which guides you through the optimum cooking times and temperatures), and handy cleaning programs to tackle any spills.

Which? first impressions: Neff ovens are favoured in the Bake Off tent, and the 2015 range has some smart features. The large control display, slide and hide door, and steam boost should make for a smooth baking experience. We’re currently testing this oven, so check back in early December to see if this model heats evenly in our tests and will help you produce perfect bakes.

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