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Which? Halloween edit: appliances fit for an apocalypse

Best Buys to see you through (almost) anything

Appliances halloween

The best home appliances to see you through the scariest situations

It’s that time of year when we find ourselves turning to our favourite horror movies and TV shows – from The Walking Dead to 28 Days Later. But have you ever considered hypothetically how you’d survive a zombie apocalypse?

At Which?, we think that kitting yourself out with the most trustworthy appliances is a good place to start, so we’ve rounded up the best and most reliable appliances guaranteed to stand the test of time and get you through even the toughest of situations.

From the freezers guaranteed to last the longest in a power cut, to the best boilers that will keep you cosy, our product test results and reliability ratings will help see you through Doomsday and beyond. 

Disclaimer: none of the following appliances have actually been tested by Which? in apocalyptic conditions. 

Reliable boilers

Having your boiler breakdown in the middle of winter is tough enough, but if you’re holed up at home and surrounded by enemies, it could be catastrophic. 

We’ve surveyed more than 10,000 Which? members to ask if their boiler has suffered faults, so we can calculate which brands are most likely to break down. 

We also ask them to rate how satisfied they are with their boiler overall, to uncover which brands have the happiest customers.

Use our boiler reviews to find the most durable and reliable models to see you through the darkest of winters.

Chainsaw reviews

Whether you’re fighting the walking dead or simply gathering wood fuel for your fire, a trusty chainsaw would be an essential part of your toolkit. 

We’ve put chainsaws from big brands such as Bosch, Stihl and Husqvarna through rigorous tests to find the Best Buys that are easy to use and will cut through wood (or anything else) like a knife through butter.

Head to our chainsaw reviews to find out which topped our tests. 

Best Buy freezers

Frozen food reserves could be a lifesaver in a survival situation, so you’ll want a freezer that can protect your food in a blackout. We run more than 200 different tests on each freezer we review, including how long they’ll keep your food frozen in the event of a power cut. 

For the everyday stuff, we also check how quickly each model will freeze your groceries to make sure food is kept fresh and nutritious for when it’s defrosted. 

Find out which freezers topped our tough tests by heading to our Best Buy freezers.

Trustworthy kettles

To make sure you get that very British cuppa in a crisis, you’ll need a reliable kettle to keep the tea flowing. 

We’ve surveyed over 2,500 Which? members about their kettles to find out which brands are most likely to last. 

Kettles are generally less reliable than some of the other kitchen appliances we test, prone to developing limescale problems, leaking, and breaking down. 

Only one brand gets a great reliability score of 84%. To find out which brands you can trust see our kettle reliability scores.

Handheld vacuum cleaner reviews

The end of the world as we know it could be an untidy affair, but that’s no excuse to let standards slip. 

With the world crumbling around you, the last thing you’ll want is to be carting a heavy vacuum cleaner around to clear up the debris. 

Our Best Buy handheld vacuums are light and comfortable to carry and powerful enough to blitz through all manor of dirt and grime – and may even make a handy weapon!

We’ve put models from Dyson, Black and Decker and Vax through more than 30 different tests before giving the top-scoring models our coveted Best Buy recommendations. 

Choose a Best Buy to see you through the messiest of situations – check out our handheld vacuum reviews.

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