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Which? tries out new pressure washers

Lidl and Stihl power washers get Which? once-over

Stihl RE 88 pressure washer

The Stihl RE 88 is the entry-level model in the Stihl pressure washer range

Which? brings you its first impressions of pressure washers released this summer by Stihl and Lidl own-brand Parkside.

Summer 2015 saw the release of several new pressure washers by manufacturers that we’ve never tested before, prompting us to wonder what they’ve got to offer. So we’ve tried them on a dirt and algae-encrusted driveway and a couple of cars, to get some initial thoughts on what they’re like to use.

This autumn is a great time to use your pressure washer to remove the grime and algae that’s built up over the wet summer. Cleaning them now could stop paths and drives turning into slippery death traps this winter. 

To find out which pressure washers we recommend for your autumn tidy up visit our list of Best Buy pressure washers.

Stihl pressure washers

Stihl has a reputation for making high-quality, reliable machinery for tough jobs, but its pressure washers for the home market are fairly new. 

The starting price for the range is, as you might expect, not cheap, with the entry level Stihl RE 88 Compact costing £140. It’s a trolley-style pressure washer with 100-bar water pressure and a 6m-long pressure hose, which should make suitable and easy to use for a range of cleaning jobs around the house.  

At the other end of the range is the premium Stihl RE 129 Plus, a semi-professional washer with a powerful 135-bar water pressure, built-in hose storage reel and massive 9m-long steel-reinforced pressure hose. 

To find out how both of these models coped with a driveway coated in 30-years worth of dirt and algae pay a visit to our pressure washer reviews

Lidl Parkside Pressure washer

Lidl offers an entry level pressure washer for sale occasionally

Lidl pressure washer

Lidl is renowned for its limited-time sales of cheap own-brand home and garden gadgets. They’re so keenly anticipated you can find webpages devoted to tipping off canny shoppers when new machinery offers will be hitting the shelves. 

Which? does not normally test these fly-by-night products because they’ve sold out before we can get them to our lab. But, like many other people, we do wonder if they’re worth blocking out your calendar for the latest Lidl release? 

To answer this question we sent Lidl’s latest small cylinder power washer home with our pressure washer expert, to find out what you might expect when you pay £40 for a pressure washer.

Get our intial verdict on the Lidl Parkside PHD 100 pressure washer.

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