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Your energy bill could go up by £199

Don't wait if your energy deal ends in November

Energy tariff prices going up

If your tariff is coming to an end, switch or you’ll pay more

If your energy deal is coming to an end in November, make sure you switch or you’ll end up paying up to £199 more to your energy firm. 

This is because your supplier will automatically switch you onto its standard variable tariff once the fixed deal expires. Standard tariffs are some of the most expensive deals around and you could see your annual energy bill go up by hundreds of pounds.

Read on to see if your deal is coming to an end and find out how much more you’ll pay if you don’t switch. We also show you the top five cheapest deals on the market. 

To check how much money switching could save you, use our free and independent price comparison site Which? Switch.

Fixed energy deals ending in November

Check your energy bill or ask your energy supplier what gas and electricity tariff you are on. If it is one of the ones listed in our table below, consider switching now. 

Our table shows you the tariff name, the tariff’s average annual price and how much more it will cost you after the end of November if you’re moved onto the supplier’s standard variable tariff. Depending which tariff you’re on, the price rise could be between £54 and £199 a year at average use.

Fixed deals ending in November
Supplier Tariff Average price Standard tariff Average price increase
British Gas Fixed Price November 2015 £1,022 £1,075 £54
Extra Energy Bright Fixed Price Nov 2015 v1 (paperless) £967 £1,130 £162
Extra Energy Fresh Fixed Price Nov 2015 v1-3 (paperless) £931-£942 £1,130 £188-£199
First Utility iSave Fixed November 2015 v33 (paperless) £947 £1,084 £137
First Utility iSave Fixed November 2015 v35 (paperless) £932 £1,084 £152
First Utility SYB Collective Switch November 2015 v32 (paperless) £960 £1,084 £125
Npower Online Price Fix November 2015 (paperless) £953 £1,110 £156
Sainsbury’s Energy Fixed Price November 2015 £958 £1,075 £117
Scottish Power Online Fixed Price Energy November 2015 (paperless) £1,000 £1,103 £103

Table notes: Prices are based on a dual fuel tariff, averaged across the UK, for a household with average consumption (using 3,100 kWh of electricity and 12,500 kWh of gas a year), paying by direct debit. Exact prices can vary according to region, usage and payment method. Prices have been rounded up and are correct as of 13 October 2015.

Switch your energy deal now and avoid exit fees

Your supplier has an obligation to alert you between 42 and 49 days before your tariff ends. You don’t have to wait until the tariff has actually ended to switch, as suppliers aren’t allowed to charge you an exit fee during this time. 

Switch as soon as you get the notification, as you could waste money by ending up on the standard tariff while you wait for the switch to go through. 

So if your tariff ends on 30 November, you should be able to switch now without incurring any exit fee.

Compare and switch suppliers

Choose the fuel type
to compare:

Gas and electricity Electricity
Gas only

Top five cheapest energy deals

Here are the top five cheapest widely available dual fuel tariffs. They all come at under £850 a year:

  1. £799 GB Energy Supply – Premium Energy Saver
  2. £836 Flow Energy – Connect 3 (paperless)
  3. £837 Extra Energy – Fresh Fixed Price Dec 2016 v4 (paperless)
  4. £841 Go Effortless Energy – October 2015 v2 (paperless)
  5. £843 First Utility – iSave Fixed December 2016 v2 (paperless)

Although we know price is important, it’s also a good idea to know a bit about an energy company before switching to it.

We’ve rated 22 leading energy firms so we can tell you everything you need to know about the kind of service they’ll deliver and what their customers think of them. Find out which companies you can trust, and which to avoid, by visiting our energy company reviews.

(All prices from above are from Energylinx, based on the details of a dual fuel medium user [12,500kWh of gas and 3,100kWh of electricity a year] paying by monthly direct debit and choosing paperless billing. Prices are averaged across all regions and correct as of 21 October 2015.)

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