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Safety alert: Argos recalls Fisher Price car seats

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Fisher Price Group 0-1 Car Seat

Fisher Price Group 0-1 Car Seat
Argos catalogue number 414/9314

Argos has issued a product recall for three Fisher Price child car seats, due to safety concerns. The car seats have safety restraints that don’t fully meet test requirements and could compromise a child’s safety, in the event of an accident.

Parents should stop using these three child car seats and return them to Argos for either a replacement or refund. 

If you opt for a refund and wish to get a different child car seat, our child car seat reviews and video guide to buying a child car seat will help you find the safest one for your child.

Three Fisher Price child car seats recalled

The safety notice affects three child car seats sold from the July 24 2015:

  • Fisher Price Group 0-1 car seat – Argos catalogue number 414/9314
  • Fisher Price Group 1 car seat – Argos catalogue number 413/4082
  • Fisher Price Group 123 car seat – Argos catalogue number 390/9720
Fisher Price Group 1 Car Seat

Fisher Price Group 1 Car Seat
Argos catalogue number 413/4082

When we asked Argos about the issue it said: ‘There have been no reported incidents of injuries involving these car seats. However, we have identified a problem relating to the restraints, which do not fully comply with test requirements and we believe this could compromise a child’s safety in the event of an accident.’ 

What to do if you own one of the Fisher Price car seats

If you own one of these car seats, or know someone who does, the advice from Argos is to stop using it immediately.

You can return the car seat to an Argos store for a replacement or full refund. 

Argos has also set up a free helpline you can call with any queries – 0345 600 5388.

Fisher Price Group 123 Car Seat

Fisher Price Group 123 Car Seat 
Argos catalogue number 390/9720

Which? child car seat tests

We crash test each car seat we review multiple times – in a front impact crash (equivalent to a head-on collision at around 40mph) and a side-impact crash test (equivalent to two cars crashing into each other at 30mph).

The crash tests are severe and are specially designed to replicate real life crashes. State-of-the-art crash test dummies are wired up with sensors to record the crash forces on key areas of the dummies bodies, and indicate how high the risk of injury would be in a real situation.

We test all car seats, whether they are installed via Isofix or the adult seat-belt, at speeds and forces higher than the legal minimum standards require.

You can discover exactly how much further we go in our how we test child car seats guide, which includes a video demonstrating the difference between a good child car seat and a bad child car seat.

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