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Safety alert: Bednest poses safety risk

Urgent advice for Bednest owners

NCT Bednest bedside cotThe NCT has issued a statement regarding the Bednest

The NCT has identified a ‘small but plausible’ safety risk when using the Bednest crib.

The risk occurs when using the Bednest with the folding side in the half-way position. This crib should only be used with the folding side fully up or fully down (see picture, right).

This advice is a result of an NCT investigation following the tragic death of a baby using a second-hand bedside crib back in April.

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What to do if you own a Bednest crib

If you own or are using a Bednest crib, the NCT says you should never use it with the folding side in the half-way position. It also states that using the crib with the folding side fully up (or fully down if bedside-sleeping) eliminates the risk that a baby could move onto or over the side of the crib.

The manufacturer is exploring a solution that will make it impossible to use the Bednest in the half-raised position.

STORY UPDATE 7/1/2016: The manufacturer of the Bednest has now made a modification kit available. This prevents the Bednest being used with the folding side in the halfway position. This modification is free-of-charge. The kit will be sent out by post and includes instructions for fitting. If you own a bednest crib and have not yet confirmed your contact details, please fill them in at NCT Bednest support. The NCT will share your details with the manufacturer of the Bednest so you can receive your modification kit.

While waiting for your modification kit, the Bednest crib must not be used with the folding side in the halfway position.

If you are concerned or have any questions, you can call the dedicated freephone helpline on 0808 1261879.

STORY UPDATE 21/12/2016: Following the Coroner’s conclusion on 16 December 2016 into the death of the baby, Bednest released a statement to say ‘…We take on board all the coroner’s comments following the inquest. We will implement all the coroner’s advice, immediately actioning recommendations as follows:

  • Increasing our communications efforts to convince parents to ensure that the modification must be made to all cribs sold prior to November 2015
  • Offering users the option to have their Bednest cribs to be returned to us for us to make the modification and then send back to them if they would rather not fit the two screws themselves.
  • Work to find all the remaining unmodified cots in circulation as we have been doing, writing, emailing and calling customers for whom we have contact details.  We will create a further social media campaign to promote the importance of the modification and tell parents how to return the crib or make the modification themselves.

Second-hand baby products – what’s safe to buy?

Many baby items can be safely bought second-hand, as long as you carry out some simple checks to help ensure sure they are safe and sturdy. We would also recommend getting hold of (and reading) the original instructions.


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