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Top five cheapest energy deals for December 2015

Save money on energy as prices are falling

Top 5 cheapest energy deals dec

Looking for a cheaper energy tariff? You’ve come to the right place

Which? has found you the cheapest energy deals for December 2015. And we’ve got some great news – all the deals this month are under £800.

Every month, we round-up the top five cheapest energy deals. This month, we’ve found that prices overall are slowly getting cheaper, with the smaller and newer suppliers offering some of the best deals.

GB Energy Supply is still offering the cheapest energy deal on the market, but Extra Energy and newcomers PFP Energy and Avro Energy are close behind with competitive deals. 

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Top five cheapest energy deals

These are the top five cheapest dual fuel deals in November 2015 available to customers in all regions. Click the links to find out more about each company.

Top 5 cheapest energy deals for December 2015
Supplier Tariff Annual price Tariff type Exit fee
GB Energy Supply Premium Energy Saver – Paper and Paperless £787.05 Variable None
Extra Energy Fresh Fixed Price Jan 2017 v1 – Paperless £793.68 Fixed £25 per fuel
PFP Energy Together – January 2017 – fixed 27 – Paperless £794.46 Fixed £30 per fuel
Avro Energy Simple and Save – Paperless £795.5 Variable None
GB Energy Supply Fixed 12 Emerald – Paper and Paperless £798.67 Fixed None

Table notes: The prices given in the table above are correct as of 09 December 2015 and are based on a dual fuel tariff for an average user (using 3,100 kWh of electricity and 12,500 kWh of gas per year), paying by direct debit and are averaged across all regions. Exact prices can vary according to region, usage and payment method.


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Is your energy deal coming to an end?

If your fixed energy deal is coming to an end soon, don’t wait to switch. If you do nothing, you will be transferred on to your supplier’s standard tariff which will, in most cases, be more expensive. 

Your energy supplier has to send you a notification that your tariff is about to expire 42 to 49 days before it ends. From then on, you are allowed to switch without having to pay any exit fee.

Current standard tariffs from the Big Six

Most households are still on a ‘default’ standard variable tariff. These are generally a lot more expensive than than cheaper fixed deals. If you’re on one of these tariffs, you’re probably paying too much. 

Our research found that if you’re on a standard tariff with one of the Big Six, you could save up to £322 a year by switching to the cheapest deal.

  • NPower £1,110 – £322 more expensive  than GB Energy Supply’s Premium Energy Saver
  • Scottish Power £1,113 – £314 more expensive
  • EDF £1,101 – £313 more expensive
  • SSE £1,088 – £313 more expensive
  • Eon £1,079 – £291.88 more expensive
  • British Gas £1,075 – £288 more expensive

Before switching supplier based on price alone, find out more about the energy companies. We reveal the best and worst energy companies.

(All prices are from Energylinx, based on the details of a dual fuel medium user [12,500kWh of gas and 3,100kWh of electricity a year] paying by monthly Direct Debit and choosing paperless billing. Prices are averaged across all regions and correct as of 10 December 2015).

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