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Best Buy bathroom scales for 2016 revealed by Which? tests

Bathroom scales go head to head in the Which? lab

Three sets of bathroom scales

We’ve tested to find out which bathroom scales are the most accurate

We’ve tested and rated 13 sets of electronic bathroom scales from brands including Salter, Tanita, Fitbit and Weight Watchers to uncover the models that consistently give accurate weight readings.

We assessed models priced from £15 to £138, with five earning our Best Buy recommendation due to their impressive levels of accuracy and sensitivity.

But while the top-scoring models can be relied upon to give you an accurate picture of your weight, several other sets of scales proved appalling at picking up on small weight changes – which is bad news for those of us closely watching our weight.

Our Best Buy bathroom scales page reveals the most accurate and easy to use models that stand head-and-shoulders above the competition.

Expensive vs cheap bathroom scales

All 13 sets of bathroom scales that we tested give body-fat percentage readings as well as weight, to help you differentiate between weight loss and fat loss. While this kind of technology used to only appear on premium models, there are now several budget-friendly scales that claim to provide accurate body fat readings.

The Hanson H902 Fat Analyser bathroom scales were the cheapest we tested, costing just £15, while the Tanita RD-901 Body Composition Monitor will set you back an eye-watering £138. 

Tanita RD-901 Body Composition Monitor (left)and the Hanson H902 Fat Analyser (right)

Tanita’s RD-901 (left) is £123 pricier than the Hanson H902 (right) – but is it any better?

The Tanita RD-901 Body Composition Monitor offers a huge range of body readings – including body-water percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, BMR and metabolic age. Plus, these scales are designed to automatically recognise different users as soon as they step on, provided you’ve set up user profiles with information such as your height and gender.

The cheaper Hanson H902 Fat Analyser scales offer fewer types of readings (body-water percentage, BMI, bone mass and muscle mass) and have fewer nifty features.

The good news is that our tests show that there’s no direct link between price and quality – so check out our full bathroom scales reviews to see where you can bag a bargain.

Smart bathroom scales

Six of the scales we tested are ‘smart’, meaning you can connect them to your smartphone or tablet. These smart bathroom scales transfer your weight and the other body readings to an app, so you can track your progress when you’re away from the scales.

They’re typically more expensive than bathroom scales that don’t have smart functionality, though, and we’ve found that some smart scales have some functionality that’s only accessible via the app.

Head to our page on smart bathroom scales to find out more of the pros and cons and to see whether this is a technology you might want to invest in.

Just tested: new bathroom scales reviews

The 13 scales we’ve tested are listed below – click the links to read our independent expert reviews and view up-to-date prices.

(Prices are correct as of 8 December 2015 and are subject to change.)

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