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Best Buy bathroom scales to help track your weight

With a body fat analysis you can trust

Body fat analysers

Best Buy bathroom scales give the most accurate reading each time you step on

If you’re checking your bathroom scales more than you’re checking your emails/Facebook/watch these days, chances are you’re one of the many thousands who decided to try and lose weight in 2016.

27% of Which? members told us that they were at least fairly likely to either be on or start a diet in January 2016*. If you joined their ranks, and are still sticking to your new year’s weight loss resolution four weeks later, why not treat yourself with a new set of accurate bathroom scales, particularly as you two are spending so much time together?

Bathroom scales reviews

We’ve tested 13 body fat bathroom scales from the biggest weighing brands, including Salter and Tanita, and found Best Buys that you can rely on to be honest with you about your weight and body fat.

The good news is that you don’t need to pay through the nose for some of the more trustworthy scales – head to our bathroom scales reviews to see how the cheap ones fared against their more expensive competition.

Best Buy bathroom scales

You might think that all bathroom scales will be pretty much the same in that they’ll all give you an accurate and up-to-date depiction of your weight – but our tests show that this isn’t always the case.

While some scales are capable of picking up on fine fluctuations in weight, others are really poor here – meaning it’s trickier to be sure that your weight matches what the scales tell you.

All bathroom scales we tested also give you a measure of your body fat. While we found none that are accurate enough to replace professional medical advice, some were much closer to the mark than others. Knowing your body fat can be important, as it helps you differentiate between weight loss and fat loss.

Just want to know which scales aren’t going to leave you guessing? Check out our Best Buy bathroom scales.

Expensive vs cheap body fat scales

Hanson H902 and Tanita RD901 Bathroom scales for body fat

Hanson H902 £15 (left) Tanita RD-901 £132 (right): which is best for measuring body fat?

A body fat scale is similar to a regular bathroom scale, but as well as your weight in pounds or kilos you also get your body fat percentage. This helps you differentiate between fat loss and weight loss. As well as body fat, some also give you other readings, such as your bone density, body water percentage and BMI (body mass index).

There’s a big price range between different body fat scales, and our tests have revealed that there’s no direct link between price and quality.

Several bathroom scales with added body fat features that cost less than £50 outweigh some with a three-figure price tag. Read our reviews so that you don’t shell out for a dud.

Hanson or Tanita: which scale scores higher?

While you can pick up the Hanson H902 Fat Analyser for £15, the Tanita RD-901 Body Composition Monitor will set you back by around £132. Both offer body-fat readings, but the Tanita RD-901 bathroom scales includes a greater range of body measurements – such as visceral fat (how much fat is stored within your abdominal cavity) and BMR (your basal metabolic rate, aka the number of calories you’d burn if you stayed in bed all day) – and automatically recognises registered users as soon as they step on.

Find out how these scales compare by heading to our Hanson H902 Fat Analyser review and our Tanita RD-901 Body Composition Monitor review.

Take note: Bathroom scales that calculate body fat do so by sending a small electric current around your body – so it’s recommended you don’t use them if you have a pacemaker or other internal medical devices, or if you’re pregnant.

*Survey of 1,125 Which? members, September 2015.

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