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Safety alert over potentially dangerous Bosch sanders

Could your sander injure or electrocute you?

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Bosch has issued a safety alert over some of its sanders

A safety notice has been issued over some Bosch sanders that could injure you or give you a life-threatening electric shock. 

If you have one of the defective sanders you should stop using it immediately. Read on below to find out how to identify whether your sander is affected. 

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Is your Bosch sander a potential safety risk? 

Bosch said its own checks had uncovered a fault with the ventilation wheel on a limited number of sanders, which means small parts could fly off and lead to injuries.

Live components could also be exposed, which could result in a life-threatening electric shock. Bosch added that it wasn’t aware of any such cases.

Bosch is recalling all affected sanders and has promised to exchange them for new ones free of charge. 

The fault involves sander series PSS 2, PSS 20, PSS 190, PSS 200, PSS 250 and PSS 2000, which were manufactured from June through to August 2007.

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Act now if you own a recalled sander

You can check if your sander’s affected by the safety alert by looking on its type plate. This will show you the model, as well as the device number and serial number.

The sanders affected are outlined in the table below:

List of Bosch sanders affected
Model Device number Serial number
PSS 2 A 3 603 C40 040 786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
PSS 20 A 3 603 C40 040 786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
PSS 190 AC 3 603 C40 101 786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
PSS 200 A 3 603 C40 000
3 603 C40 040
3 603 C40 050
3 603 C40 070
786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
PSS 200 AC 3 603 C40 100 786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
PSS 250 A 3 603 C40 201 786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
PSS 250 AE 3 603 C40 200
3 603 C40 240
3 603 C40 270
786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx
PSS 2000 A 3 603 C40 040 786xxxxxx – 788xxxxxx

For more information, visit sandercare.com or call 00800 83 64 67 04.

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