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Top five home appliance trends for 2016

Which? looks ahead to the next big gadgets

Here at Which? we’re constantly scouring the shops to find new products and test the latest gadgets, so we can give you a definitive verdict on what’s worth buying. Get the lowdown below on what’s set to be hot in 2016, and whether it’s worth your time.

2016 is the year manufacturers aim to make your life easier than ever, designing products that do the cleaning for you, allow you to control your home via your smartphone, and make healthy eating quick and hassle-free. 

Whether these new products actually do what they claim to is a different matter. That’s where our reviews come in. To see all the latest home appliance reviews – including for popular 2015 products like bullet blenders and cordless vacuum cleaners – visit our home and garden section.

Flick through the gallery below to see our predicted trends for 2016, and scroll down to find out more. 

Smart homes

From coffee machines, ovens, and fridges you can monitor via your phone, to entire home automation systems that control heating, security, lighting and more – smart tech is set to take over our homes in 2016. 

Not all smart products actually make your life better though, and they can make a big hole in your wallet. Keep an eye on Which? for the latest reviews of smart products and our verdict on whether they’re worth paying for. Here are our latest reviews:

We’ve also tested smart thermostats, comparing big brands like Hive, Nest, Tado, Netatmo and Honeywell. Head to our smart thermostat reviews to find out which are best.


Forget blending smoothies in a Nutribullet, soup making or ‘souping’ is the next big thing. Why you might ask? Homemade soup is a great way to get more veg in your diet, but is more effort than whipping up a quick smoothie. Cue the new soup-making blenders that not only blitz your ingredients but cook them too, all in the same machine. 

Some high-powered compact blenders, like the Nutribullet Rx and Vitamix S30, claim to make hot soup from raw veg in less than 10 minutes, while dedicated soup makers such as the Morphy Richards saute and soup maker take around 20 minutes. Both methods save on washing up as you can cook and blend in one.

Visit our blender reviews to see all our reviews of soup-making blenders and soup makers.

Multi-tasking kitchen gadgets

Talking of products that do more than one thing, kitchen gadgets are working harder in 2016, tackling multiple jobs in one handy machine. From multicookers like the Tefal 8in1 Multicook which can cook lots of different dishes to ‘cooking food processors’ which both chop and cook food, your route to a speedy, home-cooked dinner could be faster than ever. 

Some, like the KitchenAid Cook Processor, also have a recipe app which guides you through recipes and lets you order your ingredients via the app. They can be pricey though, costing up to £850.

To see our reviews of cooking food processors to rival the Thermomix, including the Kenwood kCook and Tefal Cuisine Companion, head to our food processor reviews

Robot vacuum cleaners

2016 could be the year robots take over our homes. Robot vacuums, that is. These home helpers have been around for a while, but were traditionally quite pricey and, well, just not very good at vacuuming. 

We’ve seen a steady rise in the number of robot vacs launching, and this is set to increase in 2016 as mainstream vacuum cleaner brands like Miele, Samsung and Dyson compete with the likes of iRobot, Ecovac and Neato.

We’ll be fully testing robot vacuum cleaners in 2016, but for now you can get our first impressions of the latest models by heading to our robot vacuum cleaner reviews.

Pyrolytic ovens

Who wouldn’t want a self-cleaning oven? They aren’t new, but there are now many more models to choose from, and prices are getting much more affordable.

There are other self-cleaning ovens available – some have catalytic liners which gradually break down spills over time, or a steam function which loosens baked-on grime – but a good pyrolytic oven reduces any spills to ash, which you simply wipe away.

We’ve found Best Buy pyrolytic ovens for less than £400, so if you’re keen for an oven that does a great job of cooking your dinner – and cleans itself afterwards – head to our built-in oven reviews.

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