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Top new gadgets for parents for 2016

Smart baby monitors and a self-fitting car seat

Baby with sleep monitor

New baby tech was revealed at CES 2016, including this Mimo smart baby monitor

Just found out you’re expecting a baby? Get a first look at the latest new gadgets for parents coming to a nursery near you very soon.

Each January the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the US showcases the very latest technical wizardry from around the world. This year, for the first time, baby innovation has been given its very own exhibition, a testament to the amount of tech that’s being turned out to help make parents lives easier.  

We’ve rounded up some of the smartest new baby products on show that have caught our eye. They range from the revolutionary to the novel and convenient, and include the car seat that fits itself and a machine that makes up baby formula from a capsule.  

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Smart baby monitors

Mimo baby sleep monitor

Mimo smart baby monitor

The next step in baby monitors technology. The Mimo is a smart baby monitor in the form of either a cribsheet or baby sleep suit, which works in tandem with an app to deliver your baby’s sleep data to your phone. The sensor will tell you how your baby is breathing, as well as body position, sleeping temperature, movement level and indeed whether he or she actually is asleep. You can get live updates on your phone, and the app will send you a push notification if it notices anything wrong from the sensor, like a sudden change in breathing. The Mimo is available now through Amazon.

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 Owlet heart rate and oxygen monitor

Owlet baby monitor

The Owlet is a similar wearable monitor that uses the same sense-technology as hospitals do for monitoring breathing and heart rate. It is designed as a little baby bootie that your baby wears while sleeping, and connects up to an app that can send you instant updates.

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Self-adjusting car seat

4Moms self-adjusting car seat

4Moms infant car seat

It is incredibly important to have your child car seat fitted and checked properly, but nearly half of all parents don’t. When we surveyed parents in 2015 we found that 42% of them don’t have their car seat fit checked, and mistakes can be made. 

The 4Moms infant car seat could change all of this – as it fits and continuously monitors itself to make sure it’s adjusted correctly at all times. The accompanying app personalises the information that you see, as it can detect your exact car type, and the proper angle for the seat even if you’re parked on an incline. The 4Moms infant car seat launches in the US in June 2016.

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A new approach to baby formula


BabyNes infant nutrition system

Breastfeeding gives your baby the best start in life, but if you choose to move on from breastfeeding, the BabyNes makes up a bottle at the touch of a button. Like a capsule coffee machine, but for baby formula. 

BabyNes formulas come in single serve capsules. You simply pop the capsule in the machine, press and wait.

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High tech digital thermometer

?Kinsa thermometer

Kinsa smart ear thermometer

The Kinsa thermometer is the next generation of digital ear thermometer. 

As well as taking an instant reading to let you know immediately if a fever is cause for concern, it connects up to your phone to give you more information on the next course of action. It will track health data when connected to the app, so you have an accurate record to keep for yourself, or show to a doctor. 

The Kinsa ear thermometer is available now through Amazon

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