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A new simple mobile phone service with a personal touch

New mobile phone provider Fuss Free Phones promises to offer a new simple phone service for people that struggle with the latest technology – we look at what it offers.

Modern smartphones offer a dazzling array of features but many people find them too complicated to use. A new phone company, Fuss Free Phones, promises to help.

It claims that it’s ‘a different mobile phone service, with real people on call to help you take the complication out of using a mobile phone’. That sounds appealing but what does it actually do and how much does it cost?

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How does Fuss Free Phones work?

What sets the company apart from other phone services is its London-based team of telephonists. You can quickly and easily contact this team simply by pressing a big button on the back of your special Fuss Free handset.

Once connected (which the company says typically takes less than 20 seconds), the telephonist can place a call to anyone in your trusted callers list, send and read out text messages or search for information on the internet.

And in the event of an emergency the telephonists can connect you to your emergency contacts and help call the emergency services.

Help with nuisance calls

As well as offering a far simpler way of using your phone – in many ways very similar to the way it was used when first invented – the Fuss Free service should also stop nuisance calls.

That’s because only callers on your trusted callers list are put straight through – anyone else has to go through the telephonist service first. Nuisance callers are disconnected and only genuine callers are put through.

However you can personalise this set up so that all, or none, of your calls go through the telephonists.

How much does it cost?

The handset and the first month’s access to the service costs £79. After that it costs £20 a month. This gives you round-the-clock access to the telephonist team, 600 minutes of calls each month and unlimited texts. If you need extra calling time you can top up your allowance for 25p a minute.

If this sounds like something that would be useful to you or perhaps an older family member you can order the service directly from the Fuss Free website or by calling the company on 0800 845 6600.

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