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Can an eco shower head cut your water bills?

Which? reviews five eco shower heads

Shower heads

An eco shower head could help you reduce your water use and your energy bills too.  

Eco shower heads claim to help reduce the amount of water you use, which – if you are on a water meter – would save you money on your water bill. But do they really work?

Some eco shower heads claim to reduce your water consumption from an average twelve litres per minute to only six litres a minute, depending on whether you have a power shower, a mixer shower or an electric shower.

We have asked one of our researchers to try a selection of eco shower heads to find out whether they really reduce water use without compromising your shower experience.  

So did they save water and still offer an enjoyable shower? See our review of eco shower heads to find out.

Eco shower heads: our pick

Did you know that the shelf filled with bottles of water at your local supermarket holds more or less the same amount of water that you waste when taking a shower? This is not to say that you should stop showering, but there are many ways you could save water and these include using an eco shower head.

We selected a number of these, including two eco shower heads from shower manufacturer Mira, two from Ecocamel and one from Pure.  

Some eco shower heads mix air with water, while others have a flow regulator to reduce the waterflow of your shower.  

Most eco shower heads are not suitable for electric showers, apart from the Ecocamel E which is compatible with all shower types and particularly recommended for electric or low pressure shower systems. 

Have a look at our buying guide to find out what type of eco shower head is best for your shower.

Easy free ways to save water

If you’re on a water meter, or if you simply want to reduce the amount of water you use, there are lots of things you can do to use less water. 

  • You can buy products to put in your toilet cistern to reduce the amount of water per flush. But any submerged object will do – like a handful of marbles. Though do ask your children’s permission first.
  • Using a bucket or watering can to wash your car and water your garden, instead of a hose, can dramatically cut the amount of water you use.
  • We estimate you can even save the equivalent of nine litres a day by not leaving the tap running when you brush your teeth.

It’s worth doing your research when you buy a new appliance that uses water. In our washing machine tests, we rate each model for how much water it uses. Which means you can avoid greedy water guzzlers and, if you’re on a water meter, save on running costs. See how we test washing machines to find out more.

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