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Dehumidifier freezes over during Which? tests

Dehumidifier can't cope with cold conditions test

Tested dehumidifiers

Which? finds a dehumidifier that froze over during its chilly conditions test.

A dehumidifier has failed our water extraction at 10°C test after its evaporator grid froze over. The dehumidifier in question is among the more expensive models we’ve tested.

After freezing over, the dehumidifier was unable to pull any moisture from the air.

We alerted the manufacturer to this finding. As a result, it conducted its own tests and told us that it found no failures and disputes our test results.

However, the manufacturer has said that if any customer does experience a problem with this dehumidifier – whatever its age or warranty status – it will either replace it with a new version or give a full refund.

We tested two samples of the dehumidifier, to help ensure the first dehumidifier we looked at wasn’t a faulty model.

If you’d rather avoid the dehumidifier that froze over during our 10°C water extraction test – which is particularly important if you want to buy a dehumidifier for a chillier space, such as a garage or caravan – make sure you check out our dehumidifier reviews.

The best dehumidifier for your home


Cut down the time it takes to dry out a room with a Best Buy dehumidifier.

Our independent and tough tests have unearthed six Best Buy dehumidifiers that are good at quickly collecting water from the air and into their tank – which is useful if you have a particularly irritating damp problem.

Some Best Buy dehumidifiers even have dazzling five-star ratings for water extraction at room temperature and in chillier conditions, making them a great choice for your home.

We also test other aspects that are worth bearing in mind when buying a dehumidifier. For instance, we look at whether each dehumidifier is a delightful dream or a nauseating nightmare to use, and whether it greedily guzzles energy.

Just looking for a great dehumidifier? For a quick solution, head to our Best Buy dehumidifiers.

Will a cheap dehumidifier do the job?

Here’s some great news: we’ve found no direct link between price and quality during our dehumidifier tests.

Our reviews reveal where it’s worth spending your money and where it’s not – and the last thing you’ll want is to pay through the nose for a dehumidifier that’s sluggish at its core task of collecting moisture from the air and into its water tank.

Some Best Buys are quite a lot cheaper than lower-scoring alternatives. Make sure you read our dehumidifier reviews to avoid investing in a dud.

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