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Does Perfect Air vacuum leave your home smelling fresher?

German-made Thomas allergy vacuum uses water filter

Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure vacuum cleaner

The Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure vacuum uses a water filter to trap allergens

The Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure vacuum claims to trap household allergens like dust and pollen in its water filter, leaving you with a cleaner home and noticeably ‘refreshed’ air.

Instead of a sucking up household dust and fluff into a container or bag, the Thomas Perfect Air vacuum directs it into an ‘Aqua Pure filter box’ – a partially water-filled container. This traps dirt and dust, and also humidifies outgoing air, thereby refreshing the air in your home.

It should also mean an end to unpleasant dust clouds when you come to empty the vacuum, as it all gets trapped in the water.

Will this allergy vacuum leave your home smelling fresh? Read our Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure first look review to find out.

Thomas Allergy vacuum – how does it work?

There are two main escape routes for dust when vacuuming – the motor exhaust, which expels air from the vacuum once dust has been filtered out – and the dust canister or bag, which can release dust when you remove it for emptying. Dust can also leak out from various parts of the vacuum if the internal parts aren’t properly sealed and airtight.

The Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure vacuum claims to tackle these potential escape routes by binding dust, allergens, pollen and mites in its water filter. When you come to empty it, you pour away the water, and the dirt is all trapped within it, so there are no dust clouds to contend with. 

Our allergy-prone researcher did think this was an advantage, especially over bagless vacuums. But you might find the maintenance involved in using water filter vacuum isn’t for you. To find out more, head to the full first look review of the Thomas Perfect Air.

Close up image of the Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure water filter

The Thomas Perfect Air vacuum collects dust in a water-filled container, rather than a dry canister or dust bag.

Do you need a water filter vacuum to keep allergens at bay?

The Thomas Perfect Air vacuum has the seal of approval from the German allergy support body, the DHA. It boasts an additional HEPA 13 filter (a high-efficiency filter that traps small particles), and two pollen filters, as well as the water filter system.

But you don’t need a water-filled vacuum cleaner to tackle allergens in your home. We’ve tested hundreds of ordinary vacuum cleaners, and found plenty of models which do a great job of keeping the majority of allergens tightly locked away once sucked up.

If you want as little contact with the dust as possible when emptying the vacuum, a bagged vacuum is probably your best bet. Head to our round up of our best vacuum cleaners to see Best Buy bagged vacuums starting from £140.

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