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End the tyranny of the ironing board

New Which? Best Buys to help you blitz the ironing

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Get your ironing done quicker with a Best Buy iron

If you’re sick of spending hours working through your laundry pile, you need a better iron. Our Best Buys glide easily across clothes, pumping out lots of steam and speedily dispatching creases and crumples, so you get perfectly laundered clothes without breaking a sweat.

We’ve put nine popular steam irons and five high-performance steam generators through our tough ironing tests, to see which models will make light work of your laundry.

Whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered. Tested models range from the cheap Tesco IR1914 1900w iron (£8) to the premium Bosch TDS3880GB Pro Hygiene steam generator (£210). And while three models earned our Best Buy recommendation, one scored so poorly we’ve labelled it a Don’t Buy. 

Head to our steam iron reviews to see the latest test results, and find out which irons will help you to break free from the ironing board.  

Buying the best iron for you

If you regularly have large loads of laundry to get through, it may be worth trading up to a more powerful iron. Steam generators use high-pressure continuous steam to blast away creases, and the best will reduce your ironing into a neat pile much more quickly than an ordinary iron.

Steam generators can cost hundreds of pounds, but we’ve found good value Best Buys for around £100. Head to our round up of our best steam irons and generators to find the cheapest.

If you don’t want to shell out quite so much on an iron, but are looking for a bit more steam power, there’s a new breed of iron on the market: hybrid irons. These look like ordinary steam irons, but have an internal pump that creates pressurised steam to rival a steam generator. They require more frequent re-filling, and can be a bit heavier, but the best models are a great halfway point between a normal iron and a full-blown steam generator. 

We’ve just tested the striking JML Phoenix Gold Ceramic hybrid iron (£40) – the cheapest hybrid iron we’ve seen. Find out if its extra steam power translates to better ironing by reading the full  JML Phoenix Gold review.

New steam iron reviews for 2016

Our most recently tested models are listed below, along with typical prices. To read the full reviews – and see today’s best prices – click on the individual links. Alternatively, you can head straight to our steam iron reviews for independent ratings of over 130 currently available irons and steam generators.

Steam irons: 

Hybrid steam irons: 

Steam generator irons: 

Prices correct as of Monday 8 February 2016.  

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