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How to stop the Android Facebook app draining your battery

If you’re desperate to extend your Android smartphone or tablet’s run time, it could be as simple as removing one little app.

It’s no secret that certain apps drain smartphone battery life faster than others, even when those apps aren’t being used. A recent discovery about Facebook’s Android app has taken even the most cynical and battle-hardened of mobile tech geeks by surprise, though.

It was recently discovered that removing the Big F from your Android device can save up to a whopping 20% of your battery life. Not only that, but your other apps may launch up to 15% faster.

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How to remove the Facebook app

If you’re on an Android smartphone and are tired of it dying on you sooner than anticipated, here’s how to go about uninstalling the troublesome app:

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Application Manager
  • Tap on the Facebook app
  • Tap Uninstall

We’d advise that you do the same for the standalone Facebook Messenger app too if you have it.

But what if you want to both save battery and continue to use Facebook? Don’t worry – as it happens, the current version of the Facebook mobile site when accessed through the Chrome browser is virtually identical to the app.

Chrome can even save your login details so that only a single tap is needed each time you wish to access it. You still get all the functionality (including notifications and chat) without the troublesome battery drain.

Since this news broke, Facebook has said it’s looking into sorting out the app. Should anything change, we’ll be sure to let you know.


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