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Perfect pancake day preparation

Products and tips to clean up Shrove Tuesday mess

Woman and child eating pancakes together

Chocolate, jam or lemon – whatever you fill your pancakes with, we know the best cleaning products to shift the spills

Sweet or savoury? Lemon and sugar, syrup, or ham and cheese? Whatever your perfect pancake recipe, half the fun is in the messy making.

If you’ll be flipping pancakes for the first time or cooking with kids this Shrove Tuesday, make sure you’ve got enough toppings – and the right cleaning products – to clean up hassle-free afterwards.

All that egg, flour, butter and milk may be mighty tasty, but it can be a pain to clear up. And, let’s face it, making pancakes isn’t any fun if you’re worrying about the mess.

But don’t worry, we can help. Our tests will show you the products to buy for cleaning-up – whether it’s your dishes, pans or even your clothes. Although we don’t yet have anything that can help you get batter off a ceiling.

See all the best cleaning products in one place: head to our Best Buy cleaning products round-up

Cleaning up pancake mix

Eggs, butter, flour, milk – whatever your recipe, it’s sure to include fat and starch. These are two of the things we use in our cleaning product tests to find out how good washing-up liquid and dishwasher tablets really are at removing the foods you cook with most.

Our washing-up liquid tests pit big brands like Fairy Liquid and Persil up against supermarket products to find out which are best at shifting fatty mixture from plates. And if you’ve burnt the pancake mixture on your favourite pan, don’t worry. As we’ve also tested how well washing-up liquids remove the toughest of baked-on grease. 

Two washing-up liquids stand out for making easy work of all greasy dishes. Head to our full washing-up liquid results to find out which.

Starchy foods, like pasta and flour, can be a gluey nightmare to wash off plates and dishes. So our dishwasher tablets tests asses how well detergents shift starchy marks, egg yolk and burnt-on milk. The Best Buy dishwasher tablets remove all trace and leave dishes sparkling and streak-free.

Chocolate or blueberry pancakes?

Blueberry pancakes are becoming popular, alongside old favourites such as lemon and sugar or chocolate. And because pancakes are deliciously drippy deserts, having a Best Buy washing powder to hand will stand you in good stead.

Chocolate, tomato, orange juice and oil are among the stains we use in our laundry detergent tests. We’ve found washing powders, liquids, gels and capsules that banish them all, and poor products that will leave you with stains to remember pancake day by.

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