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Top 10 popular products on which.co.uk in January 2016

Blenders and mattresses high on the list

BT YouView+ PVR

The BT YouView+ PVR has taken our top spot

The BT YouView+ PVR tops our list of the top 10 most popular products on which.co.uk at the beginning of 2016, alongside blenders and mattresses. But how well did each do in our expert lab tests?

It looks like a lot of you are sticking to your New Year’s resolution of eating healthily and keeping fit as three mini blenders feature in our list, alongside Fitbit fitness trackers. 

But after all that healthy living, you are making sure you’ve got relaxation sorted too with mattresses, a PVR, TV and a tablet all vying for your attention.

Read on to see what has made it into the top 10 product reviews and click on the links to see which products are worth buying, and which you’d be better to avoid. 

1. BT YouView+ (Humax DTR-T2110) personal video recorder

You can either get this popular personal video recorder for free with BT TV’s monthly subscription, or for a one-off cost in store. It has access to smart TV facilities and lots of storage. But how does its image and sound quality compare to other PVR from brands such as Sky, Virgin Media and Panasonic? 

Read our BT YouView+ (Humax DTR-T2110) review.

2. Nutri Ninja BL450UK blender

Personal mini blenders were the one of the most talked about appliances of 2015 and continued to be hot property this January, a time of year where everyone is starting a health kick. The Ninja claims it can blend whole fruits, including cores and stems, in seconds.

It may have beaten Nutribullet to our number two spot for popular product reviews, but find out whether it actually blends better in our review of the Nutri Ninja BL450UK.

3. Salter Nutri Pro 1000 blender

Another blender piquing your interest was this model from Salter. It’s may be a bit cheaper at £49, but how does it compare to the Nutribullet and its rivals when it comes to making smoothies, soups and crushing ice.

We’ve tested every key element such as smoothness, speed, cleaning and noise levels to bring you our Salter Nutri Pro 1000 review.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 m3-4GB tablet

This is a powerful tablet that Microsoft claims can ‘replace your laptop’. But it’s a big investment at more than £700, so it’s no surprise that you’re researching it rigorously before deciding whether to buy. 

Our Microsoft Surface Pro 4 m3-4GB review takes you through our verdict on the processing power, the battery life, the screen quality and sound, as well as general ease of use.

5. Silentnight Classic 1200 Pocket Deluxe mattress

This pocket sprung mattress is affordably priced at £349, but is it worth the money?e

Our tests examine back support, ease of moving, how likely you are to be disturbed by your partner as well as breathabilty and durability. How did we rate the Silentnight Classic 1200 Pocket Deluxe mattress?

6. Sealy Teramo 1400 mattress

Another mattress of interest to you this new year. The Seal Teramo 1400 is more than double the price of the Silentnight Classic at £729, but do you get a much better mattress for your money?

Nutribullet 600

The Nutribullet 600 bullet blender is still proving very popular

Read the Sealy Terarmo 1400 review to find out.

7. Nutribullet 600 blender

This best-known blender is still in our top 10 from last year, but is it’s position in seventh place evidence of its crown slipping? We give you the low down on this mini blender’s ability to create smoothies, soups, iced drinks and pesto in our Nutribullet 600 review.

8. Samsung UE40JU6400 TV

A 4K television at the great price of £449, but how does its picture and sound quality rate against the competition?

Each TV we test is rated by five experts so you know that our scores for image quality, sound quality and ease of use, amongst dozens of other criteria, is not just down to the opinion of one person. Read our review of the Samsung UE40JU6400 TV.

9. Fitbit One

New year, new you? Fitness trackers were all the rage in January and Fitbit is one of the best known brands. This neat little device clips on to your clothing and counts your steps, calories and even flights of stairs climbed. 

We really go the extra mile with our fitness tracker testing. The Fitbit One was tested like all our fitness trackers in tests that include testers wearing face masks that measure oxygen and carbon dioxide production to log calorie burn as accurately as possible, and going through a routine of daily tasks such as carrying shopping, sweeping the floor and reading a magazine.

10. Fitbit Charge HR

Another Fitbit product just sneaks into the top 10. This band-style tracker is the same as the Fitbit Charge but has a heart rate tracker, too. It can also alert you to calls received on your mobile.

But is it accurate enough to be a Best Buy? Read our Fitbit Charge HR review to find out. 

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