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Are you on the best off-peak electricity deal?

Which? reveals list of economy 10 suppliers

Save money on your energy

Make the most of your off-peak electricity by finding the cheapest Economy 10 deal

Getting the best off-peak electricity deal can be confusing – but now you can find the cheapest supplier thanks to Which? research. 

We discovered Economy 10 electricity customers were finding it tricky to find potential suppliers. That’s because not all firms offer suitable tariffs and there is no comprehensive official list.

So Which? energy experts have trawled the market to be the first to bring you a full list of E10 suppliers.

If you’re not on Economy 10, use our independent switching service Which? Switch to compare gas and electricity prices

Economy 10 suppliers revealed 

Economy 10 is a time-of-use tariff similar to Economy 7. It offers 10 cheaper hours of electricity a day. 

We asked the Department of Energy and Climate Change, trade association Energy UK, and electricity regulator Ofgem for a list of suppliers offering Economy 10. But none of them could help us and Economy 10 tariffs are also not available through switching sites. 

So we compiled the first comprehensive list of E10 suppliers (research: Jan 16). They are:

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To check you’re on the best deal, call these firms directly to compare prices. And check out the best and worst energy companies to see how their customers rate them.

Getting the best from E10

Time-of-use electricity tariffs, such as Economy 7 and Economy 10, are often used by people who don’t have access to mains gas.

People who need to heat their homes with electricity can take advantage of the cheaper off-peak hours by using a storage heater. 

Find out if a storage heater could save you money with our expert home heating advice. 

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