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Best baby sleep solutions when the clocks change

How to fix a disrupted baby sleep schedule

Sleeping toddlerFollow our sleep tips to keep your little one’s shut-eye on schedule when the clocks change

Baby sleep can be affected with the slightest change and the clocks going forward for spring is one of them.

Daytime starts earlier and bedtime is later, which means the sleep habits you’ve spent time getting into can suddenly go to pot. Thankfully, this year, the clocks have gone back two days before most of us have to return to work. That gives one extra day to get your baby’s sleep patterns back on track.

Top five baby sleep issues

Sleep is one of of the key problems parents with young children face. When we surveyed more than 2000 parents in spring 2015, 40% of them had experienced sleep issues. The most common troubles were:

  1. Baby won’t self settle
  2. Baby takes a long time to settle to sleep
  3. Baby wakes up and won’t go back to sleep
  4. Baby wakes very early for the day
  5. Baby consistently sleeps in short blocks.

Best baby sleep aids

With so many parents experiencing sleep issues with their babies, it’s no wonder the world is awash with baby sleep products promising miracle solutions. Parents are asked to part with their cash for everything from white noise generators to lullaby CDs and blackout blinds to sleep training clocks.

To find out which baby sleep solutions work best, we asked our surveyed parents to tell us which solutions they swore by for getting their babies to sleep. From this, we’ve compiled the top five baby sleep aids that parents actually find helpful. The good news is that in order to try these out, you don’t need to break the bank – all of the top five cost less than £30.

Sleep solutions to try this weekend

Combine your chosen sleep solution with these tricks to avoid any major sleep disruptions for the start of summertime this bank holiday weekend.

Tire them out
Plan active days on Easter Sunday and Monday to ensure little ones are ready to fall asleep when the time comes.

Ease up on the Easter eggs
Make sure they aren’t buzzing on too much sugar by limiting their Easter chocolate intake.

Create a quiet haven
Even if you’re got all the relatives around for the holidays, try to keep your baby’s room quiet, dark and not too warm.

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