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Five new parenting gadgets we’ve got our eye on

From a sleep aid sippy cup to a pushchair rocker

Rockit baby rocker

The Rockit can be attached to a pushchair or crib to simulate a rocking motion

Our edit of the latest baby tech and clever gear out there, to bring you a round up of the new gizmos designed to make your life as a parent easier.

1. Rockit

Cost: TBC
Available: TBC

As any parent knows, newborns and young babies always seem to sleep better when in motion – whether in the car, in the pushchair or being rocked in a parent’s arms. 

The Rockit is a portable baby rocker that looks like a tiny red rocket, and attaches to cribs, pushchairs and car seats to provide (hopefully) just the right level of vibrating movement to help your little one doze off. We don’t advise babies sleep in car seats when you aren’t driving in the car though, so best to save the Rockit for your pushchair or rocking crib.

The version we’ve had a sneak preview of was still at prototype stage and details such as price and whether it would take rechargeable batteries were still being ironed out, but we can’t wait to see the Rockit launch!

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DoddleBags baby food pouches come in an array of colours

2. DoddleBags

Cost: £10 for 10 pouches, caps and stickers
Available: Now

There are quite a few different refillable baby food pouches, such as the Fill ‘n’ Squeeze and Koko, but we really liked DoddleBags’ colourful design and most of all, the fact that, once you are past the point of needing them for baby food, the bags can be used for poster paints or glue with the addition of the DoddleBrush. Lots of messy fun ahead.

The DoddleBags are available now but the spoon that attaches to the spout and the paintbrush set won’t be available until later on this year.

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Memola baby cradle

The Memola circular cradle is a cool-looking baby bed

3. Memola

Cost: £380
Available: Now

This circular swinging crib can be hung from the ceiling to provide a very funky-looking cradle for your baby. 

It’s a bit like a hammock but the base is flat and firm and it has mesh sides so you can see your baby at all times.

And the sides can be removed to transform the Memola into a swing for children aged between three and twelve.

It’s pretty pricey but does come with a curtain, mosquito net, toy bar and carry bag (it folds up nice and small).

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The non-spill Litecup has a built-in night light

4. Litecup

Cost: £9
Available: Now

When we saw this we thought it was an invention that we could use as well as our kids. This sippy cup has an integrated night light so children can easily reach out and find their cups in the middle of the night, as well as be comforted by the light.

The circular rubber valve all the way around the cup’s circumference means your child can drink from anywhere on the cup’s rim and yet it’s still spill-proof. It’s suitable for children over 12 months.

ifindyou locator

Ifindyou will alert you when you child wanders too far

5. iFindyou

Cost: £25 per locator
Available: Now

iFindyou isn’t just a baby product and is quite similar to something already on the market called Tile. Essentially it’s a tiny gadget that you can attach to a precious item – be that your keys, wallet or your child.

It uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone so that you can ‘call’ the item when you can’t find it. If you attach it to your child (it’s very tiny and discreet, so you could put it on the waistband of their trousers or in a zip up pocket), then you can set it up to alert you if they wander too far out of range. The child can also press a ‘panic’ button on the device to call you if they need help.

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