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Would you spend £500 on a juicer?

Juicero - the smart juicing system from California

Image of Juicero

Juicero – yours for only £490

Celebrity chefs, lifestyle gurus and half of Hollywood are telling us to cleanse, detox and stock up on superfoods. But how much would you pay for the perfect home juicer? 

Just launched in California, the Juicero comes with Wi-Fi technology and costs a cool £490. It uses pouches of pre-cut ingredients, so that unlike other juicers, you skip the cleaning, chopping and peeling that can be a hassle with some machines.

Juicero reads the QR code on the pouch, establishes that it’s fresh and then squeezes all the juice out. Then you can enjoy – or perhaps cry into – your delicious glass of freshly-squeezed juice.  

However, if you’re worried about the hassle factor of cleaning lots of different juicing parts, you should check out our juicer reviews, as we find that some are much easier to use and clean than others.

Juicero alternatives

If you’re looking to buy Juicero today you’ll be disappointed: it’s currently only available in California. 

However, if you are looking for a high end juicer, it’s not the only one on the market. For instance, the KitchenAid Artisan Magnetic Drive Blender – which doubles up as a juicer – costs £549. 

Image of fresh fruit

Juices are an easy way to boost your fruit and veg intake

Or you can take a look at our other juicer reviews to find cheaper options.

Will the Juicero change how people juice?

The pros and cons of this kind of juicer are similar to those of a capsule coffee machine. Capsule coffee machines – aka pod coffee machines – are very convenient. They’re easy to use and easy to clean. And (unlike Juicero) often the up front costs are less than for other coffee machines. 

Capsule coffee machines are usually small and light too, and don’t require much maintenance. On the flip side, the price per cup will be greater than with other methods of home brewing coffee. A cup of coffee from a branded capsule can cost up to 50p, while an espresso shot made of ground coffee typically won’t cost more than 7p. 

You’re also tied to that brand of capsule, as capsules which claim to be compatible frequently aren’t. And if you want milk in your coffee, you may have to use a milk capsule too – so that’s two capsules per cup. You can read our advice guide on how to buy the best capsule coffee machine

You’ll have to watch this space to see if the Juicero takes off in the same way as capsule coffee machines.

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