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Does your steam iron need an upgrade?

Best irons and generators for 2016 revealed

Image of a hybrid iron

Trading up to a more powerful iron could save you time and effort

Has your iron run out of steam? Are you spending ages at the ironing board? If so, it might be time to trade up. 

When life deals you crumpled clothing, having the right iron makes all the difference. But should you stick with a regular iron or switch to a hybrid or steam generator? 

If you find ironing a chore, it’s worth considering your options. A bit of extra investment in a more powerful model could cut your ironing time considerably, leaving you free to enjoy other pursuits.

Already know what type of iron you want? Head to our Best Buy irons page to see all our top-scoring irons, and find out which five models we’ve named new Best Buys for 2016.

Choosing the right iron

Everyday steam irons are great for occasional or moderate use. The best models we’ve tested will make short work of your laundry pile, pumping out plenty of crease-busting steam. If you’re an infrequent ironer, you might like the sound of the cheap Morphy Richards 300264, or Tefal FV3775 Maestro, as both cost less than £25.They aren’t packed with features, but can they do the basics well enough to suit occasional ironers?

If you’re willing to fork out for a fancier iron, you might tempted by the Tefal FV9965GO Freemove, £67. It’s a cordless model that lets you work your way around the ironing board any way you choose. Our review will tell you whether this cordless iron can really deliver enough steam to leave your shirts crease-free.

Image of a steam generator

A good steam generator will power through your ironing in record time

Steam generator irons

Steam generators are much steamier than regular irons. The best models will emit clouds of steam that send creases running for the hills. They’re usually more expensive, but are a worthwhile investment if you are often faced with a huge pile of ironing.

We’ve just reviewed five new steam generators, including the Bosch TDS3872. At £180, it doesn’t come cheap, but it does automatically adjust steam flow as you go, so you don’t have to fiddle around with the control dials. The AEG ErgoSense DBS2800-U is only £70 – similar in price to an upmarket iron – but is it worth snapping up?

Find out how these steam generators fared in our tough ironing tests by heading to our steam iron reviews.

Hybrid irons

If you don’t have the space for a generator, but are keen on some extra steam power, a hybrid iron might be right for you. These have a small internal pump, so they can pump out more steam than regular irons. Our latest review is of the Bosch Sensixx’x D190 TDI9010, but you can see all our hybrid iron reviews on our steam iron review page if you filter by type.

Still not sure what you need? Check our advice on buying the best iron, which includes an interactive choosing guide that talks you through the pros and cons of each type.

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