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New kettle reviews include £20 bargain Best Buy

Cheap kettle puts pricier rivals in the shade

Sage The Tea Maker BTM800UK kettle We’ve tested everything from cheap everyday kettles to feature-packed tea makers

£20 doesn’t go too far in the world of kitchen appliances these days, especially if you want a product that does its job really well. But it will buy you a brilliant kettle.

Our latest test of kettles for 2016 has revealed a cheap Best Buy kettle that outshines rivals costing five times the price.

The no-frills kettle impressed with its speedy, quiet boiling, and the fact that it can boil small amounts of water at a time – saving you energy.

It earned a score of 78% – much higher than several costly kettles which offer fancy extra features but don’t always get the basics right.

To find out what this bargain Best Buy kettle is, take a look at our kettle reviews.

Cheap Best Buy kettles

This isn’t the only Best Buy kettle that you can pick up for around £20. In fact, one of our top-scoring Best Buys costs just £12.

Which? kettles expert Matt Clear said: ‘I don’t think it’s ever been easier to find a good, affordable kettle.

‘There are still plenty of cheap kettles that aren’t up to scratch, but if you use our expert reviews and don’t mind sacrificing extra features such as multiple temperature settings, you won’t have any problem finding a great kettle for £20 or less.’

To see the full list of our recommended kettles for 2016, including more than eight Best Buys that cost under £20, head to our Best Buy kettles.

Kettles for tea connoisseurs

If you regularly drink alternative teas such as green or white tea, you might want to invest in a kettle with multiple temperature settings. These give you the option of heating water to lower temperatures – ideal for more delicate brews. 

You can see which models impressed in our tests by heading to our kettle reviews, where we have over 35 reviews of multi temperature kettles. Alternatively, you can jump straight to our most recent review of the Delonghi Distinta KBICO11.CP kettle (£99).

We’ve also tested two kettles with a built-in tea-making function: the Prestige 2-in-1 Tea & Water (£60) and Sage The Tea Maker (£140). Both have a basket in the middle of the kettle for loose tea leaves to sit in. This is then lowered into the boiling water and brewed for a set amount of time, theoretically making it easy to produce a perfectly brewed cuppa. 

A kettle to avoid

Our latest tests also uncovered a Don’t Buy kettle you should definitely steer clear of. It looks stylish but failed to impress, taking a long time to boil, wasting energy by overboiling, and allowing limescale to escape thanks to its poor filter. 

It’s not the only one to disappoint either. Find out which kettles aren’t worth your time – including some expensive designer models – on our Don’t Buy kettles page.

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