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Top five DIY money-saving tips

Save cash on home maintenance with our expert advice

Image of a woman doing DIY

Carrying out easy home improvement chores yourself will keep your costs down

You don’t need to splash out to keep your home in good working order – we reveal our expert tips to save money and get your DIY jobs done.

If this weekend’s cooler temperatures see you cancelling that barbecue in favour of some DIY, don’t be put off by the cost. While buying a new kitchen will cost you a minimum of £700, there are plenty of projects you can do for free.

Here, Which? experts reveal five top tips for frugal home fixes.

1. Is it an easy DIY project?

Before hiring a handyman, work out if you can do the job yourself. If it’s a basic round-the-house repair like painting, clearing a blocked drain or draught excluding, rolling up your sleeves will often be cheapest. Check out our suggestions for DIY jobs you can do yourself, and our expert tips for getting started.

2. Use good quality tools

Buying any old equipment can be a false economy – invest in some decent, long-lasting tools to help make easy work of your home DIY. Our latest tests found Best Buy cordless drills that are excellent at both drilling and screwdriving. But we also uncovered drills that struggled on hard surfaces or were slow. 

Extend the life of your tools by ensuring you’re using them properly – check out our video guide on drilling tips. 

Image of DIY tools

Use the right DIY tools to keep your home neat and tidy

3. Be a savvy shopper

Decent DIY tools don’t need to break the bank. We’ve recommended the best DIY shops and rated them for price, based on the opinions of their customers.

4. Research home remedies for cleaning

You don’t always need shop-bought cleaning products to tackle stubborn dirt around your home. Our tests found that one of tepid water, salt, white wine or washing-up liquid work as well as chemical carpet stain removers. Read our carpet cleaning tips to find out which.

5. Hire a trusted handyman

Be realistic with your expectations. If you’re a DIY dabbler rather than a devotee, and you’re looking at a complex task that will cost a bomb to fix if it goes wrong, then hiring a professional could be more economical (and safer). Use Which? Trusted Traders to find a reliable tradesperson in your area. 

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